I just realized that since I stopped programming in C, I've been a lot happier.

Looks like Amazon is retiring the Goodreads API, which just another step towards basically abandoning Goodreads and folding it into some other Amazon service I guess: joealcorn.co.uk/blog/2020/good

My advice? Get off Goodreads while you still can (ie export your content) and move over to StoryGraph: beta.thestorygraph.com

A black-owned startup finally developing a viable alternative to Goodreads. Fuck yeah!

(Why not LibraryThings? Because, guess what.. it’s also owned by Amazon!)

Love to explain to white ladies posting chain letters on fb how human trafficking actually *doesn't* usually involve intricate kidnapping schemes to snatch white girls out of nice neighborhoods but in reality is deeply tied to the way we push poor and immigrant communities to the margins of society

(No, actually I really love doing this)

its a shame reddit atheists ruined saying io, saturnalia because its the reason for the season 😤

when you throw someone into an acidic wetland it's a yeet bog

@aldersprig We did HelloFresh for a year or so, then cancelled, because we had collected enough of their recipes and gained enough of their know-how to replace them for cheaper with regular grocery delivery. 😂

@zee @anaulin @colombene oh hey I know some of these very cool people. Will drop a DM.

Christmas music, kinda 

Kid wants to learn animation. He's used Wick, but it can't do everything he wants to do, and he's used up a trial of Adobe Animate.

I don't want to support Adobe's Creative Cloud keep-paying-every-month-forever subscription model.

Question for the fediverse: What animation drawing programs have you used? Which ones have you found to be easy to learn, capable, reasonably priced, etc?

We've looked at some of the other programs here, but I'm hoping for more context:

@zee Like Binging with Babish? Because I watch his videos religiously.

@christianp I have once looked up information on Wikipedia that referenced another encyclopedia on a particular topic.

That encyclopedia had no reference for the information Wikipedia listed as authoritative.

Wikipedia: all the right facts, not necessarily in the right order.

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