@likho @shopbot About once every 3 months someone does.

I put it in place hoping it would start conversations 🤷‍♂️

Has anyone noticed that everyone, including me, seems to be getting into making the bleeps and bloops right now?

Is there something in the vaccine that makes you really want to produce EDM?

The main character in The Gambler is objectively a sucker, right?

Ok, we're on 3.3.0 on our way to 3.4.1 and up to date

OK, based on the number of boosts I'm seeing to the idea, I'm going to schedule a Jitsi meet / virtual Makerspace for this coming Saturday, 13 March 2021, starting at 16:00 CT. If you're interested, DM me and I'll set up a list for who to DM the link to when I open the meeting. I'll be unboxing my ring shipment, assuming it's arrived, doing some set-up, and working on whatever I have the rings to build. Bring your knitting or whatever.

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Shoutout to the dude who claimed a religious exemption to wearing a mask…

…to High Holiday services at temple

Self portrait, more or less finished now I think, with earlier passes to show process. This has been to a degree a process of incremental de-Lemmy-fication though I don't know that I got there entirely.

Damn, we've been doing nothing but backing up the DB for 20 min 😬

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Begun, I have, the process of upgrading the to the latest version of

For everything there is a season, and a time for every take under heaven: a time to yass, and a time to yeet; a time to fuck around, and a time to find out; a time to cancel, and a time to let us now praise...

Hi! I took a pandemic-long break from social, including the Shop (sorry about that).

That means I'm mostly disconnected from the discourse (less sorry) and also the memes (very sorry).

Anyone else feel this way? Anyone else have tips on reconnecting?

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