ME: Okay I need one of my ten spare micro-usb cables

MICRO-USB CABLES: *hide from sight, giggling*


ME (5 mins later): okay I have a working alternative

MICRO-USB CABLES (spontaneously parading across my bed): HI THERE ARE TWENTY OF US NOW

Because LOLCats are among the more prosocial creatures, is probably the best site to find out your IP, as it doesn't require TLS nor JavaScript, nor does it bury it in a pile of page. It doesn't even require HTTP 1.0

echo GET / | nc 80 will print it out with no fuss.

Bootstrap 5 removes jQuery as a dependency, is this the end of jQuery, like, for real? JS has evolved a lot, so did our work, coding skills of the people working in the industry, do we still need it?

Me: i love Mastodon. Decentralized social media all the way. i hope everyone quits Twitter and signs up

Me: *thinks about my co-workers seeing my profile*

Me: some people can stay on Twitter. That's fine

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*jumps* HEY! 🐺
*jumps* IT'S FRIDAY! 🐺
*jumps* THAT'S AWESOME! 🐺

an obese, dementia addled malignant narcissist who's 73 years old is probably healthier than you, says repugnant contrarian footlicker

Don't forget, if you're on a Mastodon instance and there's something going on that you don't like, you can add a filter

Settings > Filters > Add new filter

Shout out on this day to all aro-spec and aro questioning people. Not feeling/rarely feeling romantic attraction is valid and there are many equally meaningful ways of bonding with other people (if desired).

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