What would you say to the one who got away?

I'm back tonight with another episode of shared catharsis. Each story we listen to, whether live or recorded, is like a warm blanket of empathy, and I want to share this with you.

Join us: twitch.tv/mroliverblank

Free service offered: I'm a professional author and editor, with thirty years of technical writing and multiple books to my credit. I'm offering editorial and rewrite services, for any piece up to 8000 words. Preference given to folks on the front lines, CVs, revolutionary and assistance articles. DM me for details.

My wine zine released our first tshirt today:

All Cabernets Age Beautifully.


Proceeds going to the Anti Police-Terror Project.

Anyone here make IF games, or also participating in this weekend?

@Sacchan that looks amazing. What part of Japan do you live in?

Sorry for the very long downtime folks.

We're back now.

Ok, we're going down for a moment. See you all soon, hopefully!

Hey folks! Going to start the upgrade process now. You may notice some downtime.

The Navajo Nation near me has been hit really hard by covid. They’ve received next to nothing from the federal government.

If you have money to give, it would be a great idea to send it their way. They have a covid-19 relief fund on their website: ndoh.navajo-nsn.gov/COVID-19

Hey folks! I’m going to do some maintenance on the Shop tonight, so there might be some downtime.

I will post more times between now and then so folks are prepared. 👍

Hey #django friends! I've been trying to solve this django channels testing issue for two weeks. Any help gratefully accepted:


RTs appreciated as well.

@dockers that sounds painful as hell. I hope y'all find a way to see each other in person soon.

Hey friends. I’m doing a weird arts thing tonight, where I am helping produce a live show called The One Who Got Away.

theonewhogotaway.com is now live.

Check out the show, and use the number on the video to call in. 💚

Morning folks! What's everyone's good thought as they head into the weekend?

At 10AM PT, I'm live-streaming working through open PRs on a hostable sponsorship platform: github.com/zinc-technology/com

Join in and chit-chat about anti-capitalism, cooperative development, and practical, compassionate, slow-and-steady development practices! twitch.tv/zeespencer/

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@obra ohhh I thought this might be in comparison to some other cold brew method you had tried. 😂

@y0x3y a friend of mine bought like 4 on ebay a couple years ago because he never wanted to run out of them. It's a shame they stopped making them.

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