Hey Shop folk! We don't have a custom Instance Thumbnail or Hero Image. Anyone interested in creating one?

"Instance thumbnail - Used for previews via OpenGraph and API. 1200x630px recommended"

"Hero image - Displayed on the frontpage. At least 600x100px recommended. When not set, falls back to instance thumbnail"

@phildini What kinds of iconography do you want to forefront? I'm good at iconifying public domain images.

@tux_kate something that you think captures the essence of this wandering coffee shop we all call home. 😄I didn't have anything super clear in mind.

@phildini I'll fiddle for a thumbnail first - maybe a cup of tea with a fountain pen.

. @phildini Okay, try number one is proving that I'm real rusty. New approach.

Are there any emoji sets that are open access that I could fiddle with legally? Anyone know?

@gannet @phildini

Give this a whirl? I can give it to you as .gif, .png or .jpg

@tux_kate @gannet thank you! I'll take a look at this when I have some time, but that looks amazing so far!

@phildini @gannet

I'm more than happy to edit/poke at it, revise, etc.

The one that doesn't show up is a .gif and appears to just hate life. It's the same as the other one I posted.

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