Hi! I took a pandemic-long break from social, including the Shop (sorry about that).

That means I'm mostly disconnected from the discourse (less sorry) and also the memes (very sorry).

Anyone else feel this way? Anyone else have tips on reconnecting?

@phildini start small
limit the list of people you respond to to just the ones you'll be genuinely happy to hear from, until you're ready to reach a little farther

@phildini No need to apologize for unplugging, just get back in there like nothing happened and all will be well.

@phildini welcome back!

The normal eddies of ‘this instance isn’t being moderated & is now full of Nazi’s’ discussion can be caught up on fairly quickly via # FediBlock, the only other thing of note is that the new “official” mastodon app disables unlisted posting, the local timeline, and the federated timeline which everyone has of course found to be a ah, questionable decision

You now know enough to safely pretend you never left :P

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