@phildini decent! I took a two hour walk on a park trail this afternoon & then I spent my evening helping my mother upload videos for her fitness clients to teachable

Haven’t gotten a chance to do any reading on paper yet, which is the one other thing I was planning on trying for but 2/3 ain’t bad under the circumstances

@phildini Finished the first full week of working from home. I expect there will be several more ahead. Currently parked under a cat.

@phildini Holding up. Depression is kicking my ass, but friend is visiting and got some creative work done, so is a win.

Also: MarioParty

@phildini Doing okay! Went to some small businesses down in the international district today for lunch with some friends to support them during Seattle's upside-down covid-19 moment. Went to a small friend gathering for a buddy's 30th. More social today than usual, but it was all nice and hopefully more or less appropriately socially distant.

Also got some work done on my big graduate school portfolio due in about a month.

How're you?

@phildini Stressed, but today was a good day. How are *you*?

@phildini working to keep the old folks inside in our village... otherwise good on this grey, but not rainy morning!

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