This is very confusing: I am following @flyingfox as far as either of us can tell, but I can't seem to see most of their followers only posts, and at least one of the things they sent me as followers only showed up as a DM instead.

Anyone know what is going on? Boosts OK.

@storm @flyingfox Hey, @chr and @phildini can you help a good friend of mine out with any suggestions as to what might be going on?

@phildini @Canageek @flyingfox @chr No idea, it is SUPER inconsistent and we can't reproduce it, despite there being TWO posts from vulpine that I can't see from different users, both followers only but I follow them. But when the same people post other followers only stuff, I can see it? *shrugs*

@storm @phildini @Canageek @flyingfox seems to be running a modified version of the glitch fork of mastodon, which has different privacy settings. you should reach out to your admin about this, probably

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