Hey since we're all talking about RSS, who wants to send me their favorite RSS feeds?

Linking to a previous thread on this very acceptable.


In the Pipeline
Derek Lowe (author of Things I Won't Work With) writes about medicinal chemistry


(Incidentally, if you just want to subscribe to the rss feed for a blog’s specific tag, tumblr does let you do that! Add /rss to the url string after the tag name)

@phildini analyzes interfaces from sci-fi movies to see what we can learn from them and how they can be improved.


general: - interesting links - essays and stories - more essays and stories, shorter than Longreads - origin stories for strange things in the world

news: - stats-focused, politics but also sports and culture - Asian-American - wlw-focused queer

NYC local news: - citywide - hyperlocal

Food stuff in my reply to this under a CW!

food blogs and such 

@phildini - "unfussy and triumphant favorites", mostly American but some mixing it up, Jewish/NYC influences, how I learned to cook - intergenerational Chinese family recipes, both traditional and innovative - wild, incredible work in the Swiss Alps - they do everything, seriously, everything. - Queens NYC restaurant reviews from a very enthusiastic local

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