Hi friends! I know I've been quiet here for a while; I've been working on some new projects that I'm real damn excited about. Ready?

Here. We. Go.

So, the leading point of the work is Adult Juice Box.


AJB is a about , and exploring new worlds related to this weird beautiful drink. Our second issue is about canned wine.

We ship issues every other month or so, and also deliver -printed art and behind the scenes work about what it's like to make a zine.

I got WSET certified in wine to make this zine, true story.

AJB is hosting a "Boxed Wine Hootenanny" on October 19th, and I'd love to see you there:


We'll have a bluegrass band, 12 boxes of wine to try and review, and it'll be held in our studio space in SF where you can see our

You might have noticed that I mentioned a twice now.

To print Adult Juice Box, I started a company with my creative partner.

Galaxy Brain, LLC, is a print shop and publishing house in San Francisco. We have would love to print for you, or publish your work under the Galaxy Brain label.

We will be launching a periodical soon.

If you want to start collaborating right now, you can email hello@galaxybrain.co


To say I'm excited about this is an understatement. Galaxy Brain exists for some of the same reasons the Wandering Shop exists:

to give a home to and elevate the voices of people doing amazing things on the internet.

Here's hoping we get to work with many of you. 🥂

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