What's everybody up to today? How're your weeks going?

@phildini I just went to a Tattered Cover event yesterday where Charlie Jane Anders was talking about All the Birds in the Sky. Charlie Jane is so delightful and the energy in that talk/workshop was so nice. Everyone was super excited to be there.

@phildini Still on the first week of a two week stay in San Francisco for work.

Since I switched from hostel to hotel last night, my week has improved dramatically!

@phildini I thought I was ruining my life by moving across the country for a new career, but I've been so amazingly happy this past month that I'm genuinely having trouble processing it. So, uh, good?

@phildini Visiting my partner, which would be much nicer if my body weren’t malfunctioning in a couple of small but significant ways.

On the plus side, I had a nice job interview this morning. How are you?

@phildini good! I made yoghurt, and then because it feels silly to just leave the proofing oven on all day, I also made blueberry brioche buns

I’ve never actually made brioche before, so I’m hoping they come out well - we’ll see tomorrow morning I guess

@phildini on a major cleaning spree today. Cleaned out my closet, also got something business admin-related done that I had been procrastinating for months. (Turned out that it was easy and zero drama.)

@draco ugh, my list of “probably easy but I’m avoiding business-admin drama” is long. Kudos to you.

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