@phildini Digestively complicated, life is good otherwise. You?

@phildini Sleepy! Full day and in the evening I got a second wind, and made my crystalized mandarin peels. Ready to sleep now, so see ya in the morning!

I'm apparently pretty sleepy today too. I ended up waving a cat toy around without taking my sleep mask off so the cat would let me get a little more rest, lol

@phildini Pretty good. Getting ready for a late meeting and wishing I was wandering around in a park because the weather is amazing.

I just returned from a noisy family trip during the middle of my depression episode. Glad to have some peace and quiet again to sort myself out. Hope you're doing great.

I am moving tomorrow, I didn't get enough sleep last night, my body just forced me to nap though, which is nice. Gonna load up what I can in my car today, and have fish and chips with my roommate as a last day living together celebration (that sounds meaner than I'm intending it).

@offtheball @phildini I'm thinking that doesn't sound too mean,... actually, it sounded kind of sweet to me. It's taking time to recognize a big changing in both your lives, and how good that you're also doing it together!

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