Hey did anyone else have the Shop log them out in the past 24 hours?

@phildini fwiw, I and a partner (non-Shop) got logged out yesterday. He and I both use Amaroq for iPhone. Our third, on a non-Shop instance and via Android, did not get logged out.

@kalcobalt Yeah, I think it might be an Amaroq thing. @eurasierboy does that resonate at all?

@phildini @kalcobalt v1.1.13 rebuilt the notification system to use the Push subscription API. Since it requires an additional oauth permission (Push) everyone who updated got logged out. Sorry for any inconvenience!

@eurasierboy @phildini I appreciate it! That explains why I’m getting all these cool push notifications now!

@phildini i was logged out of browser and Amarok, but not Mast. I assumed it had something to do with switching from Amarok to Mast (recent download) around that time.

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