Is there a word for friends who will be nice enough when you’re together in public but ignore you utterly if you try to message them or reach out or communicate in any way?

Like, what’s the painful opposite of an online friend? You know, someone who ignores you when you reach out.

@phildini I was going to say fairweather friend, but that's not quite it, is it...

@phildini it sounds like a species in the flake genus.

@phildini my and my sister’s entire experience of high school

(But seriously: superficial friend? Midwestern Nice? Show friend?)

I don’t have one myself but one of my good friends does. Worse, she has a big crush on him. 😕

It feels more a detached professional than a friend. Either that or they just want to be seen to be friendly, to get a good reputation without following through.

At best they’re fearful of close relationships themselves. At worst they’re a manipulator. But maybe on average, they’re just shallow.

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