yeah I keep telling less technically invested people to not buy into all the hype about AI and such

like image recognition is honestly the biggest area of growth in AI and even that is really quite shit still

@phildini this is like that insane tool assisted spectrum of Brain bc Age from a few years ago but in real life

@phildini [Actual caption, for the vision-impaired: an image describing how a small change in a neural network can cause it to identify a photograph of a cat as guacamole with 99% certainty]

@phildini they only did this so the presenter could go "holy guacamole, right?"

@phildini I'm naming a cat 99% Guacamole
I already named one 70, no one can stop me

@phildini I want to see a movie one day where some people break into a top-security facility, just by manipulating AIs with tricks like these ^^

It's tabby cat! The cat who is 88% likely a tabby!

We regret to inform you the cat is now guacamole.

@phildini doing whatever they're talking about to every picture of human me so that it shows up as 100% raccoon

@phildini *old voice* where's the shop where I can buy one these adversarial perturbators?? Can it really make my wife's cat into guacamole?

I'm assuming this is a PSA for cat lovers to be wary of the dangers of avocado

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