@phildini this is like that insane tool assisted spectrum of Brain bc Age from a few years ago but in real life

@phildini [Actual caption, for the vision-impaired: an image describing how a small change in a neural network can cause it to identify a photograph of a cat as guacamole with 99% certainty]

@phildini they only did this so the presenter could go "holy guacamole, right?"

@phildini I'm naming a cat 99% Guacamole
I already named one 70, no one can stop me

It's tabby cat! The cat who is 88% likely a tabby!

We regret to inform you the cat is now guacamole.

@phildini doing whatever they're talking about to every picture of human me so that it shows up as 100% raccoon

@phildini *old voice* where's the shop where I can buy one these adversarial perturbators?? Can it really make my wife's cat into guacamole?

I'm assuming this is a PSA for cat lovers to be wary of the dangers of avocado

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