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Phildini @ Home ✅

If you want to see what Portland State University's amateur rocket launch site looks like, they're live-streaming from the Oregon desert:

I'm late to the #introductions, but here it goes. I'm 30, she/her, from #Germany. I work as a environmental scientist at a university, pursuing a PhD degree. I need some #python #programming skills to do that.
I'm fairly into #crafts, especially #fiberarts like #knitting and #sewing.
I enjoy #boardgames a lot, I also started playing #shadowrun about a year ago.
#games like #citiesskylines or #civilization5 have quite a few hours on my steam account.
Plus: Trying to improve my #french ;)

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The first blog post of results for the 2018 gender census is up!

It’s the results of the question about the spelling of #nonbinary - both in the UK and worldwide.

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Pinafore is now on Mastodon! (How meta is that?)

Follow this account for updates on, and toot at us to report bugs or ask for features.

Proof this is us:

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I recently realized my dream of launching a job on Hyak (the supercomputer run by the University of Washington) on Hyak (the Washington State ferry).

Hey our local timeline is pretty great.

Thanks, denizens of The Wandering Shop, for continuing to be fantastic.

Somehow amaroq (which I’m using right now) did a better job at explaining the privacy levels of toots then desktop mastadon. Huh.

i asked the DM if i could reroll and they told me "good luck"

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spaghetti code: unstructured, monolithic

lasagna code: stacks with unintentionally repeated functionality

ravioli code: small, self-contained modules

rotini code: huge dependency trees

farfalle code: nice syntax & layout but hard to use

Hey, guys! The first two chapters of ATLANTA BOUND are up at my Patreon. I'm in a giving mood today, so I made them public for a short while. Head on over and see what you think.

Small Instances: might want pleroma -- it's got lower resource usage, so, savings.

Large Instances: probably mastodon -- it has better admin tools rn, which are likely to come up

Expanding Instances: umm.. I guess you intend to be large,, so mastodon,?, why are you asking this seperately..?

Galaxy Instances: wait what what does that even mean what's going on here

Meditating Universe Instances: I THOUGHT THIS WAS SOFTWARE RECS

@gargron @angristan

when they banned the nazis, they took years to finally do it and the ceo had an existential crisis over it

they banned switter on a whim and the ceo isn't having a meltdown

they're saying sex workers are *worse* than white supremacists