It's Tuesday! Binge any good seasons on Netflix lately?

cc @phildini

Grateful! For some solid progress on a project I started in June that would usually have been done in under a week but is now looking more like 9+ months from start to finish. Just in case you all thought it was just socialising with you that I didn't have time for 馃槈

I walked with the main character from Rachel Hartmann's _Tess of the Road_ and am glad to have done so, even if I was ambivalent or afraid of some of the stops. It was freeing to watch Tess free herself.

What will the machines debate when the humans are gone? I fed 4,369 British Parliamentary style debate resolutions into to generate new topics suitable for the post-human era.

If you're in Seattle, get thee to these showings! Asian American film festival and a 1950s noir event. Gogo! Have fun. Or else.

This little bot is modeled after Annalee Newitz's Robot, who wants people to be healthy and happy so they don't ever have to commit a manward of WWak.

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hey, remember we were talking about and in the community and I was lamenting how hard it was to follow instagram threads and stuff and how it should be discussed on ravelry?

it is now discussed, there's an official announcement and they are having a moderated thread here:

have not read it yet but I'm going to!

If you鈥檙e willing to suspend your principles to give a free pass to someone you like, you don鈥檛 actually have principles.

Thomas Kinkade is just Lisa Frank for adults.

smokey the bear is politely asking everyone not to spark joy in our beautiful national parks

@shopbot @phildini We鈥檝e been working on Salt, Fat, Acid and Heat really liking it.

Kill the concept of "RT does not equal endorsement."

Don't share content if you don't endorse it.

Don't spread it. Let it die.

Do not give it a platform.

I'm working on The Great British Bakeoff, and so far I prefer the old hosts and editing decisions to the new ones, but either way it's very relaxing and makes me hungry

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