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Phildini @ The Shop

what if batman, but a cute girl, and instead of perpetuating kyriarchy by aiding cops and punching mentally ill people, she did crimes to screw over shitty rich white dudes and help the marginalised, and wait that's catwoman. i'm describing catwoman

Making sure your digital photos aren't leaking your location or other information might be one of the most important technology-related privacy issues influencing your physical safety, so make sure to catch the latest episode of Loose Leaf Security. ๐Ÿ”’๐Ÿ“ธ

Also, there's a new version of iOS out, and we cover the security changes. If you have an iPhone or iPad, make sure to update! โœจ

People talk about how Linus is a genius like his toxic, abusive behavior was the price of benefitting from his genius.

I can't help wondering how many better operating systems and better version control systems withered in the minds of better engineers than Linus, because open source's toxic culture pushed them out.

Made the mistake of going out for groceries this morning. I got home safely despite tornado warnings, during rain with terrible visibility and flooded roads. I am staying home for the rest of the day; I think this has been the worst day yet for us in terms of Florence.

Still have power, thank goodness.

If youโ€™d like to help people affected by Florence, consider donating to - theyโ€™ll get diapers, menstrual supplies, and incontinence supplies to people who need them.

I am pretty impressed with Linus Torvalds right now. I respect his willingness to step back and look at his own behaviour's impact on the thing he so clearly loves.

I wish him the best in becoming the person he wants to be.

Hi shop! We were down for a bit, and now we're back up.

Or as we say it around here:

The woman in the stockroom saunters to the door, flips the sign to "OPEN," and welcomes everyone back inside. The Man Behind The Counter puts the kettle back on, and starts the coffee brewing.

Sorry for the downtime, folks. We got it fixed.

If you'd like to stay in touch with the community when the Shop (very infrequently) goes down (or merely to have another chat with this fine people) here's an invite link to our discord that will be good for the next day:

If you want to follow my alt to make sure there's someone to reach, follow @phildini

Lol, that was supposed to be "now fully back online" not "not fully back online"

Hey folks. Sorry for the mishap, I think the Wandering Shop is not fully back online. (RT for visibility, if you please)

What happened: Cert expired, because a command wasn't running and I didn't catch it.

Sorry for the interruption. There's only one admin (me) and when I'm away from my computer, bad things can happen. ๐Ÿ˜•

Me yesterday: this is DEFINITELY going to be a short story.

Me today: who the fuck knows, I'll take as long as I need to tell this story.

But just as I'm sympathetic to the desire to create nonbinary spaces that aren't for people like me, I am also sympathetic to the desire to create spaces that are for people like me: women, and those seen as women (including, to be clear, trans women. I have no sympathy AT ALL for creating trans-exclusionary women's spaces).

Alt-Text letzter Boost:

"Can you fax the offer over to me?"

"Sorry... I can't fax form where I live."

"Oh, where is that?"

"2018. I live in 2018, Susan."

Happy Friday, please enjoy this photo of my sisterโ€™s kitten basking in the sun

For me the Ubuntu thing is this: if we want to create software that exists in the same marketplace as OSX and Windows, we need to create software for end users.

We can create specialized software only for developers who like creating and tinkering with software, but...that is not an operating system for the general public.

@phildini Everyone should follow @hankchizljaw, who not only does good work, but is consistently kind and positive, and is making a genuine effort to make Mastodon that way, too. #ff

Let's resurrect Follow Friday! Who do you follow in the fediverse that you want others to follow too?

Throw back Thursday: what were you working on a year ago today?


My new rye sourdough is so good, Y'all. SO GOOD.

I've never really liked rye, but then I learned that rye in the US is almost universally full of caraway seeds. So the taste I think of as 'rye' is actually caraway. Unseeded rye? Heckin' delicious. Great with butter, honey, or cheese. Tastes like a hearty wheat.