Thanks to everyone that showed up to my Teledildonics talk at CMU last night! And everyone that wanted to show up but couldn't make it!

There will be a recording of the talk up at some point, but it may be a bit, so I'll post my bibliography from my talk now. [Thread]

I wish I had someone to watch baseball with. A few people from my PSO team hung out with me on voice a few days ago while we watched silly YT videos, but none are around today.

My friends, for the rest of this week I’m going to be far less “online” than usual, scaling down the feeds I watch.

I’ll still be available via Signal, Telegram, Slack, and SMS, but checking twitter and mastodon way less.

I will still be checking reports for the Shop, so still do the thing if things look bad.

Let you know when I’m back in the world. 💚

Wait, dot social is looking at introducing shared auto-block lists?

Isn't that kind of a terrible idea?

I'm after a jacket that I can attach enamel pins to, but I don't want a denim jacket, nor leather, or soft cotton hoodie.

I'm after a 'harder' material jacket, that will be able to support pins.

I have *one* picture of a discontinued jacket like what I'm after, but I have no idea what material it is.

Any ideas on how one would identify this material/jacket style?

@shopbot @phildini Laura Croft and Wonder Woman if I get a little. Thanks, Stjepan Šejić.

@shopbot @phildini these were also posted on dreamwidth at: ACD Sherlock AU where Sherlock starts out his detective career as an actor, casefic (Sherlock Holmes/John Watson) by @KittyUnpretty DCU, Clark and Lois commit indiscretions such as light corporate espionage (Clark Kent/Lois Lane) “Lets go steal an Elliot” casefic, little bit whump-y, (mild Hardison/Parker/Eliot)

Yeah I'm a sucker for the metric system. I'd help the volume units out in any way I can. You could say Show more

@shopbot @phildini I write fanfic!

Write now (… my fingers pun without consulting me) I’m working on a Harry/Ginny with Draco as a subordinate third, a Harry + goldens and Draco in my dark-fantasy boarding school Addergoole, and…

Killian Jones goes to my faerie apoc world and becomes someone’s slave.

I’m also following several fics with ships I don’t normally ship, including Hermione/Snape and hawkeye/Captain America.

#fanfiction #FanfictionFriday

Apparently the paid version of Dwarf Fortress is also coming to, and it will have graphics and sound :O

Theresa May's making a really good argument for a second (and third!) Scottish Independence referendum.

We'll just keep bringing it back until it passes, shall we? 🏴🇪🇺

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