Eating spicy food to ward off illness is a superstition of mine, but it's a delicious superstition. Hand washing and social distancing still mandatory.

Hey folks. It's been some weird, rough weeks. What could we be doing to make The Wandering Shop a more friendly remote space in the days ahead?

Well, I'm up to tracking 31 companies changing policy and 58 events cancelling or moving because of #covid19

PRs, RTs, and DMs with info gratefully accepted.

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capitalism is bullshit


you would rather live in a society that was built around giving people their basic living needs for free

i found this video on the Dodo about ladies raising baby skunks until they're old enough to go back into the wild on their own and i couldn't rest until i made this image

Hey, so these tarot block prints have been because of a #ttrpg project I have going live on Kickstarter this Friday.

If you like fairytale horror, I'd really appreciate your support. I have been working really hard on the writing and think this should serve as an enjoyable reading experience as well as an actual game. Plus, I have some really cool stretch goals with friends (and if I need another, I might go ahead and make my own tarot deck 🙀 )

One of the pleasant side effects of no longer working at Patreon is not having to feel like being stabbed in the gut when strangers on the Internet grossly mischaracterize the actions of the people who work there.

Where were y’all when Stripe or Shopify did their loan thing?

Have you ever sent a fax?

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to people who support indie/small creators on patreon 

Roses are red
My life is a sham
“Go see Pagliacci”
But Doctor, I am

Does anyone have experience streaming video with ? We're trying to set up a movie night and we keep getting "input can't be opened" errors. (Guides say this is a firewall issue, but I'm pretty sure I gave that permission on the streaming end?)

You are loved. ❤️

You are appreciated. ❤️

You are important. ❤️

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