The poll results from yesterday on birdsite joining the are in. This aint scientific, but it's about what I expected:

26% would want to federate
74% would want to block

Pretty sure I know the answer to this already, but I'm honestly curious, especially for people in my feeds.

If Twitter were to join the fediverse, you would want your home server to:

Twitter: we are looking into decentralising Twitter.

The Fediverse: ha ha ha BLOCK

According to my partner, I had a fever over 100F last night.

I don't remember my temperature being taken. 😳

asking for help (boost pls!) 

@pablod Hey Pablo! Do you still check Mastodon and do you mind if I DM?

sex work, self-promotion 

Cultural icons like Billy Dee Williams coming out as gender fluid is the sort of big shifting points we need.

how is breathing so effective at making you get your bearings straight again

is hamon real or someshit

A fabulous welcome home from the Bay.😍 I miss Japan, but it’s good to be back. 🌧 @ San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

Feel free to self-promote here! If you’re in Japan and follow me, I want to hear from you.

I’m probably asking this too late, but who from Japan (especially Tokyo) should I be following here?

Went to Tokyo. Bought suitcase. Filled suitcase with snacks. @ Moxy Tokyo Kinshicho / モクシー 東京錦糸町

Oh cool fun that point in a night of having fun with friends where my crippling doubt and anger sets in because someone said one wrong thing.

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