Sometimes a movie review from someone who hated it just makes you want to see it more... :)

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BBC radio: Blood, Sex and Money by Emile Zola (2015, ~27 hrs) Show more

@signalstation How about some newsprint ones as a relic of a dying medium?

What year did you first get the internet?

I spent most of the day on #Gopher. It's a very pure experience, like I'm a kid again, looking through my dad's bookshelf where I don't have to worry about load time or cookies or JS or CSS or bad formatting. Just information.

Gopher is not an alternative web, just like how my house is not an alternative garbage dump.

I was talking to my wife, and she fully supports me saving up a bit and testing out the #PinePhone. I want to see whether or not it will be my primary phone down the road, especially while I have my current one working still.

starting a gofundme to help me pay for *gestures expansively*

on the whole activist and organizing spaces have not divested themselves from anti-black ageism thoroughly enough to the point where Black youth activists and organizers wouldn't face the significant harassment that they do

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fuck it, i cancel the rach kaye award for scummiest promotional tactic by a video game company for ONE YEAR and PEOPLE NOMINATE MK11 FOR BEST STORYTELLING. THE RACH KAYE AWARD FOR SCUMMIEST FUCK IN THE GAME INDUSTRY IS BACK ON, BAYBEE. AWOO.

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Lookin' good! These are ashcan copies of the game zine @maenad and I collaborated on: two different games about dying in space, combined in a flip-book format.

This is her photo, as today she's putting copies in the hands of some New Mexico-based gaming folks. We're not finished with the project, but... far enough along to see what it might look like in print.

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