"Meet Carl Sandburg" NBC's Biography in Sound (audio, 1955, ~54mins, 1 MP3 file) 

Let's bury the hatchet. Tonight I love everybody.

(book) Handmade Pixels: Independent Video Games and the Quest for Authenticity (2019) 

BBC radio drama, Badgers In My Vest (2003, ~43 mins, 1 MP3 File) 

‘Twas a dark and fearsome night', metafiction, recursion (blog post) 


Self-hosting is the practice of locally hosting and managing applications instead of renting from SaaSS providers.


The rise of 'facadism' in London (pictures) 

swimming cows of Dorian (article) 

The Invited (2019) 

Hands down *the* best cracker in Nabisco' new Joyless® line of snacking lifestyle products.

"Younger Than That Now: The Politics of Age in the 1960s" The success and failure of youthfulness as a political strategy 

Diary of a 1st-Time Interactive Fiction Developer – Part 78: Skip to the End 

"The Vale", a non-visual action RPG review (wherein you play a person who is blind) 

When you drink so much raspberry liqueur that you think you're a cybernetic organism linked to a hive mind that's called a chamborg.

Before there was recycling, there was the rag trade. (article) 

BBC radio drama - Faust By Johann Wolfgang Goethe (2010, ~3hrs 23mins, 1 mp3 file) 

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