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In about half an hour, UK #ISS pass, starting at 00:27:45, duration 394 secs, exceptionally bright, Magnitude -3.8

I can’t believe this is a real store, it reads exactly like a shitpost

@petethomas pun aside, they’re different plants — cycad’s are evergreens

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Glad you asked!
1. Pages load twice as fast
2. Laptop battery lasts longer
3. My privacy isn't invaded by 50 different douchebro Silicon Valley companies
4. Your fucking site doesn't slow down my computer to a crawl and I can actually read your fucking articles

📽️ Jaws- best-selling book for 44wks before it was a movie Show more

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Is reverse Satanic panic a thing?

Like, I’m deeply concerned that today’s youth won’t get into death metal and witchcraft?

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