I am pretty happy with how this makeup held up over a very very long day

selfies, eye contact 

I always love days when i can coordinate a red outfit, and this new eyeshadow palette has so many good red/brown/orange options.


I'm always trying to impress people over coffee or lunch


Fuck your beauty standards; I couldn't be bothered with makeup today.


Today I dressed up a little to try to impress the cute girl I went to lunch with. 😊

Selfies, eye contact 

Today's look was an attempt to do the anonymous clones from Robert Palmer's videos. It didn't really work but I'm still pretty happy with the look overall.

look at this good boy and his friends

(this is the... fifth time i've played this game? but the first time in emulation, which is astonishing because the endless slowdowns the game was notorious for... are gone)

(anyway i'm trying magic this time because it's the only weapon path I haven't played through with)

selfies, SO MUCH eye contact 

this is today's red/brown casual look. Urban Decay is actually really good for earth tones, even though I'd mentally filed them away as 'weird purple stuff'. Which I like!


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