I interrogated myself to figure out why I feel nervous about posting things here, and I think it's that I don't have a good grasp of privacy and social media hygiene on Masto. Like I'm sure it's plenty robust, i just don't know how it works entirely, and so I feel uncomfortable.

@persenche This was a thing I wasn't sure about either. I found clicking the globe there lets you change who can see what you are tooting (eh it's calling tooting, like farting) and I think in the options you can set to private for your account.

@persenche The big differences that I know of:

- it decouples having to approve your followers from who can see a post, and the latter can be set per-post; followers-only with open following should be understood as not much of a privacy guarantee

- the "unlisted" setting means your post won't show up in huge aggregated non-follower timelines and will thus get seen much less by strangers

- DMs are just a kind of regulat post with permissions set to "only me and the people mentioned herein"

@klara i suspect i just have to *internalize* these rules, because it's not rational when i hesitate to say something; it's a gut reaction that 'oh no someone will see what i am saying eeeep'

@persenche Something to be aware of: Mods on your instance can see any and all of your posts. The mods on this instance are very cool and I trust them to not abuse this power, but if you have a follower on another instance, your content will be sent to that instance as well and the mods on that instance can see your content as well. Mods on most instances are cool, but there have been some rogue instances. These usually get blocked fast, but it is something to be aware of.

@persenche So, don't put your home address or social security number in Mastodon. if you're gonna share that kinda information with someone from here, use something like Signal to send the info.

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