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honestly this is only barely my fight but... i saw a toot from Gargron talking about how the issue with wilw was related to ggautoblocker and *that* tells me that you have *not* done your basic investigatory duty, because ggautoblocker isn't what happened with him.

he used Harper's *personal* blocklist, the shitty transphobic one, and when he got called on it he doubled down.


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I tweeted at him for *literally years*, and talked to mutual friends about it, and did everything I could to bring it to his attention that he was actively harming trans people by continuing to promote Harper's *personal* list. And there were dozens of other people in his mentions doing the same thing.

He ignored all of it, all of *us*, rather than back down in any way.

For *years*.

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i literally had to request that an old friend, a visible and vocal LGBT activist, specifically unblock me -- because he'd picked up Wil's blocklist without realizing what it was, or who it blocked.

And wilw *knew this*. He had been told for *years* that he was doing this.

He just didn't give a shit. I don't even think he was acting out of transphobia; he was acting out of 'fuck you, i'm wil fucking wheaton'.

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So when you said you 'investigated' and then say something about the autoblocker? which was *not* the problem?

that tells me you didn't actually investigate very much.

i've been cleaning up the fallout from his shit, trying to put my own community back together, for two goddamn years now. I'm still finding friends who unwittingly have me blocked.

He is a toxic stew of arrogance and entitlement.

anyway. -fin-

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