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oddly, the difficulty i have using the masto interface alienates me from the conversations that are happening, and give me (whether I want it or not) a more healthy distance.

The Twitter version of this lesson is 'mutuals are not friends', and I really wasn't emotionally prepared for that fact, and so I got hurt pretty badly. And deleting all my twitter accounts is maybe overreaction, but at the same time it's like recoiling away from a pain source... it's a reflex, and I can't help it.

anyway, this is random rambling at this point, and I probably should have CWed it for length.

the thing about twitter, and social media generally -- but it feels much worse on twitter -- is the false sense of closeness it gives. i end up interacting with someone so much, and so often, that i start to imagine we're friends. and sometimes we are? but not always.

one of the lessons i had to teach myself about... 10 years ago, I guess, is 'co-workers are not friends.'

I'm reducing my social media presence to as low as i can go while still vaguely being a semi public figure so if you need to contact me and you don't know how, dm me and I'll send you my messenger information.


I interrogated myself to figure out why I feel nervous about posting things here, and I think it's that I don't have a good grasp of privacy and social media hygiene on Masto. Like I'm sure it's plenty robust, i just don't know how it works entirely, and so I feel uncomfortable.


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@succubus everyone loves mastodon, the service that isnt dominated by the interests of garbage celebrities *5 seconds later* we regret to inform you that a garbage celebrity has caused a ton of drama

its kind of funny how a rich celebrity with massive social capital is ruining the website that people flocked to specifically to get away from rich celebrities with massive social capital

pro-tip: just make life easier if you run an instance and pre-suspend

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