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boring introduction 

gosh i suppose, having not really done so, i should introduce myself!

i'm Kiva. i'm a middle-aged trans pan polyam woman. i design video games; my latest is battletech, that one robot game from harebrained schemes.

i'm pretty far left, i agitate for social justice, i'm super-depressed and anxious, i post a lot of selfies as a form of self-care.

i live near seattle, and i have three partners.


probably still not going to use this much, because i'm pulling away from this particular style of social interaction (i think it's corrosive and dangerous). but i'm locking and purging at the birdsite, and i need some kind of avenue for contact info.

masto meta 

hiya! i'm not using this social network at all, and i'm not likely to in the future. just a heads-up; if you need to contact me, i assume you have other ways to do so. Thanks!

oddly, the difficulty i have using the masto interface alienates me from the conversations that are happening, and give me (whether I want it or not) a more healthy distance.

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The Twitter version of this lesson is 'mutuals are not friends', and I really wasn't emotionally prepared for that fact, and so I got hurt pretty badly. And deleting all my twitter accounts is maybe overreaction, but at the same time it's like recoiling away from a pain source... it's a reflex, and I can't help it.

anyway, this is random rambling at this point, and I probably should have CWed it for length.

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the thing about twitter, and social media generally -- but it feels much worse on twitter -- is the false sense of closeness it gives. i end up interacting with someone so much, and so often, that i start to imagine we're friends. and sometimes we are? but not always.

one of the lessons i had to teach myself about... 10 years ago, I guess, is 'co-workers are not friends.'

I'm reducing my social media presence to as low as i can go while still vaguely being a semi public figure so if you need to contact me and you don't know how, dm me and I'll send you my messenger information.


I am pretty happy with how this makeup held up over a very very long day

I interrogated myself to figure out why I feel nervous about posting things here, and I think it's that I don't have a good grasp of privacy and social media hygiene on Masto. Like I'm sure it's plenty robust, i just don't know how it works entirely, and so I feel uncomfortable.

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I'm re-reading Eddings' The Malloreon, and I'm astonished at just how openly racist it is in so many ways. In a sense the whole *premise* of the series is that nations are populated by single, monolithic ethnicities, and that those ethnicities have not just different karyotypes but different inherent preferences, aptitudes, and emotions.

It proposes culture as a genetic destiny, and it's really pretty gross.

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spoilers (Castle Rock) 

I am watching Castle Rock and I'm desperately hoping that it is not going to be a Dark Tower story. But every time the story creeps towards some kind of parallel worlds idea, my hope grows fainter.

i think that the Dark Tower mythos took a lot of the joy out of many of King's earlier works; it specifically made The Talisman a lot less compelling, via the sort-of-sequel.

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@succubus everyone loves mastodon, the service that isnt dominated by the interests of garbage celebrities *5 seconds later* we regret to inform you that a garbage celebrity has caused a ton of drama

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its kind of funny how a rich celebrity with massive social capital is ruining the website that people flocked to specifically to get away from rich celebrities with massive social capital

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pro-tip: just make life easier if you run an instance and pre-suspend

long, religion (END) 

She told me: "Become a kurgarra in service to Me. Offer hugs to people who need them. Offer kisses to people who want them. Have sex with consenting partners and don't be restrained by gender or gender expression."

"Oh, and don't even fucking *think* of trying to make converts because you and I both know that's counterproductive."

So, here I am. Trying to figure out how to be a priestess of a Goddess who's been gone for millennia.

It's a good time. :) <3 <3

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