Sick people should get medical treatment not because it's 'fair', but because they are sick.

Hungry people should be fed, not because 'fair', but because they're hungry.

Homeless people -> housing, same deal.

So, yeah, forgive student loans. And fix the loan system; it's rapacious.

Fix broken stuff. Relieve suffering. Don't get hung up on fair while others are bleeding out.

pleasant surprise at this sentiment's reception, including a bit of rude language that I usually expect from the intershit 

@pericat The usa has a serious capitalist problem standing in the way of any of your goals.
Obamacare did give more people coverage, but simply shovelled public money into capitalist corps without solving the primary problem of corps 'giving care' - they don't do that.
Student loans are a capitalist's dream. Unis and colleges lower requirements and huge loans are made that are EXEMPT from bankruptcy! Genius!
No idea why the USian ppl never look beyond their borders for solutions.

@gemlog Dunno, I'm not in the US. :) But from what I remember, the borders are really far away from where most inhabitants are. Physically and mentally. The rest of the world is all but mythical.

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