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Sick people should get medical treatment not because it's 'fair', but because they are sick.

Hungry people should be fed, not because 'fair', but because they're hungry.

Homeless people -> housing, same deal.

So, yeah, forgive student loans. And fix the loan system; it's rapacious.

Fix broken stuff. Relieve suffering. Don't get hung up on fair while others are bleeding out.

Back at work after a week off. My PC needs to do several waves of updates. I was only gone for 10 days. It's like they KNOW.

There's this feeling you get in summer when you're standing on the porch in the afternoon sun and it's beating down all over you and you can feel it in your bones.

I really miss that right now.

what they say: "I see you are doing laundry! Can I just add these things?"

what I hear: "I see you are doing a house task. Can I just add to your workload?"


Getting ready for my [Significant-Age] birthday party this evening. Already feel shell-shocked.

Am planning to break my abstinence streak with a pint or two of bitter, though.

Overnight guests with major food restrictions arriving tomorrow.

(I don't mind the restrictions; I have my own, other people have theirs, is all good.)

I was thinking of your kulich, yes! I just checked the post to refresh my memory, and that, to me, is intricate. But okay, is not actually bread. :)

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current motto: "Everyone has a testing environment. Some people are lucky enough to have a seperate production environment."

Back from Sunday bike ride and picnic, which is becoming an institution for me and my partner. Knees behaved themselves, so perhaps taking this last week off has been good for whatever it is that makes them hurt.

The Sunday Dogwalkers ambled by while we were picnicking, and we got to say hi to many dogs, all of whom would have been just as helpful with the picnic part of things as we could wish. Should we have wished help. (We did not wish help.)

I work for a company with is at bank levels in its stuffiness, and I had to lead the team meeting this week, which means I had to do the HSE moment, HSE being ‘health, safety, environment’, and I did a presentation on building pillow forts, AND I PULLED IT OFF.

My boss challenged its relevancy at the start and I squelched her: "Boss, you are at toxic levels of adultness, you need to hear this."

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"...dogs’ faces are structured for complex expression in a way that wolves’ aren’t, thanks to a special pair of muscles framing their eyes. these muscles are responsible for that “adopt me” look that dogs can pull by raising their inner eyebrows. it’s the first biological evidence scientists have found that domesticated dogs might have evolved a specialized ability used expressly to communicate better with humans."


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OMG. Dealing with phones and phone plans in Canada. OMG. Send cookies. Send puppies. Send something good to make me believe in my life's value again.

Something I keep bouncing back to: how is Obliviate not an Unforgivable? I mean, you'd think it would at the least be a war crime.

mental health - 

Found one of my triggers. Yay?

At least I've got the damn thing ID'd. The really annoying part is that I used to like doing this. I dunno, maybe taking note will help de-trigger it.

goodnight, shop! It will all be there in the morning.

A gentleman friend of my partner's gave. me. a. rose from his garden about four days ago, and this is it this evening, and I just wanted to share:

Have been working through Swift book in order to learn it, and yesterday was doing Auto Layout in XCode exercise with a basic calculator as the model, and then exercise ended with calculator all laid out and no functionality.

So last night I wrote a calculator in Swift. That works. I am very pleased with myself.

I wanted to go to bed half an hour ago as was drooping in my chair.

Almost made it before reflexes took over and I made tea instead. *sips tea*

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