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Hello! M name is Colleen, and I've been meaning to join this instance for a while now!

I am mostly a scriptwriter, working on visual novels for Studio Lupiesoft. (If you follow indie games on birdsite you may have heard of us recently but that's for later.) Check us out here at (link warning, many of the games are adult in nature)

I also do my own games and stories, over here:

It's a pleasure to meet you all!

Hey, something I could use help on: It's been a few years since I got my current icon, and seeing as I cut off like half my hair it's a good time to get a new one. Would anyone be interested in receiving a short story in return for drawing an avatar?

how to stop PayPal from deadnaming you (to others) 

crosspost regarding queer creators and their audiences 

In a bit of dire financial straits at the moment so REMINDER: if you want to help me eat & make art, I have a Patreon (, a PayPal (, & a Ko-Fi (

I also love it when people read & share my work!

Here’s one of my favourite poems of 2018:

Here’s Chapter One of my Broken Eye Books novella, ‘How To Unmake It In Anglia’, now freely available for public reading:

And here’s a blog post on my website and poetry and how we assume truth of it:

Looking for a transmasc reader 

Once again, it is #FollowFriday time!
The theme I picked this week is "black people". So here are some interesting black person's accounts that I suggest you to follow.

@Are0h, Social @ PV's instance admin. [en]

@ArtistMarciaX, artist. [en]

@guerrillarain, storyteller and one of the most kind-hearted person of this network. [en]

@Mwenyi, future architect. [en], [fr]

#FF #FediverseFriday


patreon, sexy 

selfie, suggestive, eye contact 

🎼 And here is my first album ✨
It's called "Alma" (from Greek "άλμα" which figuratively means "significant move forward")
The album art was very kindly made by @Mirima and based on an old drawing of mine.

You can listen to it on:
▶️ Bandcamp:
▶️ Soundcloud:


Thing my mom wrote in her most recent email: Too much reality isn’t healthy!

Amen, Mom.

Black magic, secret libraries, and small town charm in a city of the dead. A necromancer’s daughter stands against family and friends to defend a young historian from the world above.

BOOKS AND BONE is a librarians-and-necromancy fantasy currently looking for backers on #kickstarter.

Thanks to the generosity and kindness of so many people it's closer to becoming real, but I could still really use your help if you wouldn't mind taking a look.

asking for help - 

oh yeah, my entry for trans gal jam 3 is up!! i made a cutesy li'l game about two robot girls trying to meet up. super short and all, but i'm proud of what i was able to put together for my first Bitsy project ^v^

potentially slightly lewd story idea, involves giants 

Fedi, help me out here. I'm a trans woman making synthpop for an audience of maybe ten people. Anyone know of any cool trans or lgbtq-focused netlabels or promotion/distribution groups that should be on my radar?
(boost please!)

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