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I am always amazed when people who work for tips, donโ€™t tip.

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When โ€œ4-day work weekโ€ turns in to 4-days pay week.

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But hey, angrily browsing amazon brought me this amazing modeling choice.

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in doula news 

Taxes in America are so fucked. The IRS already knows how much you owe, but you get to play a fun game where you try and guess the number! If you're too low, you go to jail. If you're too high, the government gets extra money! Thankfully, there are lots of private companies that can make sure you play the game correctly (for a price), and they do a lot of lobbying to make sure you'll keep needing them every single year

Who knew there would be so much emotional catharsis in seeing people tell a billionaire to his face that he has not, in fact, worked hard to earn his money

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a lot of people don't know how to caption images. and i don't mean this as a rip on them, just to say...

it can be super easy

imagine you're talking to a friend on the phone, and you want them to understand why the image on your post is important/funny/significant/etc

that's it, that's all you have to do. jot down the one or two things you would say to your friend over the phone

it's simple as writing a text-only toot, with one quick extra step

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