I started watching old seasons of over the winter; s13 is my first time watching episodes as they're coming out. The fun silly show I need in these times.


If you're not familiar, here's a task from early in the show that I think is a good example of what contestants are asked to do/why it's fun

@paxtonmj I can only watch in small doses because it seems mean-spirited to me sometimes - but I *very* much enjoy seeing how people approach the same task so differently.

Plus, I'm in outright awe at the creativity in some of the longer / more complicated tasks. You could give me five times the time and I probably still wouldn't come up with something as good.

@Her_Doing I can see the mean-spirited - when I started watching, I described it to a friend as "imagine a very minor British noble is forcing comedians to do absurd things for his entertainment." The way the contestants talk about it in the studio makes me feel okay about it, but it's def ymmv

Same on the creativity - I'll have time when I know what I would have done, and more often times I know I would have taken the most straightforward approach possible XD

@paxtonmj What's interesting to me is how to define 'straightforwrd'! In the episode you linked, my first (and second and third) thought was to do what Richard did; I never thought about how to get the balls up the hill at all.

I love any kind of games like these and it helps me in real life, dealing with different people, to remember the result is what is important, not always how we get there.

Plus, when I step back & just watch people do their thing, I learn a lot. 😄

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