Network Effect (the book) is very good.
Network effects (the effect) are very annoying.

I hate being a manager so much, but some days more than others

This season of has a storyline about Pepe the King Prawn kidnapping Steph Curry

Happy moment - on vacation with both partners, taking the afternoon to rest by myself while they go explore Seattle together 😊

Question for users who have mostly switched to paperless workflows - when do you still handwrite things?

I switched over last year to stop buying a notebook every few months and generating waste mostly just for meeting notes, but I miss the pens and inks

abortion funds 

If you're not already supporting your local abortion fund or want to support a national network:

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Always do your best. Your best will change from day to day.

mental health, working out 

First workout of any kind since March 1, first strength training since January… it sucks being in the blackness and knowing that exercise would help but not having the points to spend on working out.

Feel like I started coming out of this bout around 10 days ago, hopefully this is heading into a better late spring/summer

Listening to How Did This Get Made? and I’m starting to think that the first Thor movie was a remake of Hercules In New York

Links post for 2022-04-29

Links on: protecting trans kids' rights in Indiana; OFMD is the love story queer genre fans have been aching for; renting in Indiana; Frank Peretti and This Present Darkness's link to our current darkness; what is free speech?

Lately I've been wondering if I could train myself to refer to the computer in my pocket as a PDA instead of a phone, given how little phoning it does.

But I think the social construction of language would make that a hard hill to climb.

The long show name dilemma: do I pin a search for or (or both)?

If you're not familiar, here's a task from early in the show that I think is a good example of what contestants are asked to do/why it's fun

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I started watching old seasons of over the winter; s13 is my first time watching episodes as they're coming out. The fun silly show I need in these times.

Putting this out into the universe - I would love to watch a Star Wars show from the folks making Fargo about the Rebels stealing the Death Star II plans/the Imperial Intelligence officer running the reverse heist

My unplayed podcasts are down to no shows having more than one episode, I think for the first time since 2019


Maybe don't repeatedly misgender someone you've invited to speak at your professional interest group?
Maybe that's a bad look, especially when they've put their pronouns in their display name?

I'm conflict adverse and may not say you're misgendering me in the moment, but I'm going to remember that like a Telltale Games character

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