lol I went to go toot something, and I forgot what I was going to say

Spent a refreshing, rainy day barely online and reading while listening to music. Was rejuvenating.

(LOL the weird thoughts I have while walking around. I think this might be my next newsletter)

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The key difference between going into a dungeon, etc, is that the entire book(s) need to be about exploring this liminal space, one that exists inside the cracks of the world exterior. A chapter or two wouldn't work, since that becomes less picaresque portal fantasy

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most common examples are real world->liminal, Neverwhere, Wizard of the Pigeons, Lev Grossman's the Magician's King, etc. Though not uncommon to have it go from fantasy world ->liminal world inside a fantasy world, too: Tombs of Atuan, The Scar, Senlin Ascends, The Hobbit

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thinking of liminal portal fantasy worlds, or rather stories that exist in the same space as picaresque style portal fantasies, and yet are not a separate new world you go to, but instead one nested inside the current world of the story

Also- reading some more Senlin Ascends. I really like this has a very New Weird sort of vibe to it, but with a strong set of plot to go along with the surreal setting and interesting characters

Rain is coming down in buckets...too much to try and walk through right now. Lightning close to the ground walking with a metal cane also a nono. But, I'm sitting here reading in the dim overcast cloudlight, and just enjoying a calm day. Rye bread is rising

Playing through some Spring Thing entries today.

Another Cabin In The Woods
By Quain Holtey

This entry is the wistful journey of a daughter clearing out her dead mother's home. Highly immersive text with audio. Headphones recommended.

This morning was spent mostly reading. Probably write a little later today, and then work on some other things.

Just finished putting together the Switch Trailer for Bad Writer, very happy with it. Planning on using this as a basis for the update of the itch trailer, too

Last night did the audio portion of the new trailer for Bad Writer (both for the Switch and a new one for Itch). My daughter ended up doing the voice for Emily, and my son the voice of the cat

thought of a way to make absolutely everyone mad at me 

Calling cis people “muggles”

You know what's interesting- I noticed that as we write, events seem further apart than a reader experiences them. Like, say I wrote this a week ago, and to me it feels like forever, but it was only 10 pages ago. The reader's experience of it is just around the corner

You all should subscribe to Nick Mamatas' patreon, just to watch him compare Sonic 2 to Ballard's Concrete Island. That's worth the price of admission alone.

Bebe Neuwirth as Chantal in the Sandman audiobook is spot on casting

Another night of reading and relaxing...

Man I love reading

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