I think I found my calling. I'm going to make procedural generators for tabletop games. I'm working on a couple right now, like a heraldry generator.

This is one of those callings that is probably never going to have any positive effect other than maybe helping a handful of brain-fried authors or game masters. Still, I think it's worth it.

Something I've observed today: whiskey makes for a reasonable cough suppressant. However, you have to be willing to live with the inevitable permanent liver damage....

Observation: communities built inside computer-controlled environments (that is, websites) are far more restricted in how they communicate and operate than communities built outside of them.

Wouldn't that imply that social networks hinder creative thought?

Eyðileggja óvini þína. Gerðu þetta ekki vegna þess að þeir eru vondir, heldur vegna þess að þeir skilja ekki trú þín. Gott og illt eru aðeins handahófskenndar byggingar.

I may be a socially-conscious nerd. I'm considering writing my own federated social network software in Go based on the ActivityPub standard because I believe in people owning their own data and being able to control how they broadcast and distribute it.

Do you believe you can walk on water?

Do you believe you can win this fight tonight?

Just posted on my blog the latest news of my heraldry generator program. Includes pretty (and not so pretty) pictures. benovermyer.com/post/heraldry-

I deleted my Facebook account. My fiancee and I used to rely on Messenger, so we've switched to Wire (she loves it, more features than Messenger, and I love it because encryption).

Now my primary social network is wandering.shop.

I'm working on a heraldry generator and library for Go. It's part of a larger fantasy setting generation project. Read about my first efforts here: benovermyer.com/post/heraldry-

Observation: most social media posts can be reduced to one type: identity expression.

"I believe this, so this person is bad!"
"I am this, so this thing is great!"
"You're not the same thing as I am, so you're bad!"
"This thing makes me feel good, so it's positive and you're bad for feeling otherwise!"

This is true regardless of whether it's negative or positive commentary. If you're curious, just watch the posts that come across your feed for the next couple days.

DevOps engineer, role-playing game author (usually for Silver Gryphon Games), artist.

I spend a fair amount of time playing video games (esp. Overwatch, Destiny 2, and World of Warcraft).

Occasionally I paint Warhammer AoS/40k miniatures.

I'm impulsive and flit from hobby to hobby. Sometimes I write about that journey.

Chrono Trigger remains my favorite JRPG of all time. Probably my favorite video game RPG, too.

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