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Smartphone privacy 

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hey if you or anyone you know is looking for an experienced, self-taught Go or Python developer with a background in Physics or security, I'm your gal!

my professional experience is a little limited, but only due to not being given the chance. i am a very fast learner with a wide array of knowledge already, willing to learn anything to fit into any role

my most recent projects include writing a gopher (yes, that pre-HTTP protocol) server, my own fixed-size LRU hashmap implementation from scratch, and the beginnings of an IRC server. all in Go

boosts are very much appreciated ❤️


First of the highlights for KB4556799:

Updates to improve security when using Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.

Also known to break Internet connections, so, ya know, that tracks.


reference to sexual assault in the title of a movie mentioned 

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broke: blocking content when an adblocker is detected

woke: rewarding people that use adblockers to fight back against the capitalist hellscape with extra, exclusive content

Oh no. I need to go have a shower but Helo is sitting on me, what do

fitness stuff 

alc, lonely 

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You know what's great website design? Having a form where the fields are labelled using placeholder text, so once you start typing you can't see what's meant to go there and looking back over the form you can't confirm that you didn't fuck it up.

Top notch, way to go champs.


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conservatives: facts dont care about your feelings

also conservatives: i'm bored and i want to go to ruby tuesdays so the pandemic is over now

food, ngl this is kinda gross 

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If it's my job to win cis allies then fucking pay me 💅

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I highly doubt any journalists follow me, but if there are: take that retrospective article for this year titled "hindsight is 2020" and delete it.

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