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Y'all handcuff keys are fairly standard you can just buy one online.

You know, just a little bit of trivia.

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police brutality and indifference portrayed by robots 

there are exactly two kinds of cops:

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Fox News posted a "radical leftist" agenda that includes the line "ATTACK AND DETHRONE GOD" and like

I've been training 14 years of my life for this

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mh-, sui kinda 

I've got a therapy appointment in half an hour and I'm lying in bed crying, just hoping something kills me soon.

Guess this isn't gonna be a pleasant update.

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🌺 Please Share 🌺 #TransCrowdFund :heart_sp_trans:
I'm behind $130 for bills (due the 15th) and I still need to get groceries for the month.
If you can help me, please RT, commission or donate, thank you! 😭 💞

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if someone's support of black people not getting murdered by police is contingent on how well behaved the protests are, they were going to find some reason not to care anyway

respectability politics are a dead end


My sister brought in lunch for everyone today! Well, nearly everyone. It's got meat in it.

In fairness to her, I've only been vegetarian for thirteen and a half years.

First of the highlights for KB4556799:

Updates to improve security when using Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.

Also known to break Internet connections, so, ya know, that tracks.


I picked up some hair dye today, and it looks like they may have changed the formula. It seems to stain far more easily than it used to.

Anyway, I've got temporarily purple tits.

reference to sexual assault in the title of a movie mentioned 

Watching things on Prime Video is weird. You're watching this super serious thing and here's this awesomely talented actor and you're really digging their performance, and you look at the cast info and see:

"Known For: Freddie Got Fingered"

Oh no. I need to go have a shower but Helo is sitting on me, what do

fitness stuff 

My fitbit has this thing where it can tell me how many calories I've burned, in fifteen minute increments. I don't believe it's reporting accurately today. I checked the graph, and according to my fitbit, for fifteen minutes around 3pm I was dead. Cool beans.

alc, lonely 

I decided to get drunk tonight.

I've been doing well, but today I just can't imagine a future where I'm doing this with someone. I don't get drunk often, but it's always gonna be on my own.

This is the price you pay for pushing everybody away and abandoning all your friends, I guess, who'd have thought that might backfire?

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You know what's great website design? Having a form where the fields are labelled using placeholder text, so once you start typing you can't see what's meant to go there and looking back over the form you can't confirm that you didn't fuck it up.

Top notch, way to go champs.


I signed back up for Facebook two weeks ago. I've added one friend.

I keep wanting to add people I used to know on there, but I'm afraid they won't care, or won't remember. No one gave a shit when I left, why should they give a shit if I come back?

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