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My mouth tastes like dust.

No, that's not a COVID symptom... I was just outside shoveling wood chips into the yard for the last hour or so and now I feel dusty af.

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I wonder if he's aware that many causes can result in the same effect?
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The big obvious problem with the claim "social media causes crazy societal-level radicalization" is that both Communism and Naziism predate the Internet. Say what you will about Hitler, he wasn't online.

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This thread almost feels TOO generous and sympathetic to white supremacy, but I think L.D. is onto something calling it brainwashing.
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I try to imagine belonging to a dominant group who keeps learning gradually over a period of hundreds of years that my entire understanding of the way the world works and my outsized importance in it is both wrong and delusional. That's what white dudes are dealing with lol

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I don't know if this is the BEST way to handle mobile work and pay, but it seems like a pretty GOOD one.

Props to AirBNB for trying this out; I hope it works out for them.
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Today, we’re announcing that Airbnb employees can live and work anywhere.

Our design for working at Airbnb has 5 key features:

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Ha! Good fucking luck with that "raise" idea.
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5/ AWS operating profit was $6.5B for a 35% margin. That number is astonishing on the face of it, but … no buts, just astonishing. People who work there deserve a big raise. The margin in 2021’s Q1 was a mere 31%. This is a well-run operation!

I can’t remember: does mastodon strip location info from uploaded photos, or should I do that first?

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And now coffee, too! Coffee tasted normal-ish a couple of days ago, now it really doesn't.

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Oh man, did I EVER make a rough discovery last night: COVID has, apparently, messed up my ability to taste whisky.

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I need to determine whether the account that just followed me is doing a bit or not, so I'm gonna restate an opinion that I haven't shared recently:

Cryptocurrency is bad and extremely stupid for many technological, economic, and social reasons that I, by and large, understand better than its advocates do.

I had the honor of introducing my intern to the magic of unit tests. To paraphrase their delight: β€œI don’t even know how I wrote software before β€” I had so many console logs!”

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I am feeling close to fully "there" today. The red stripe is still there on tests, but symptoms are more or less gone. CDC says I can de-isolate tomorrow, so I'm gonna take them at their word.

(I think they're nuts, but for now I'm going "Lawful Neutral" on this)

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Hey, I like the idea too, so here's an to me.

I'm Chris, a Canadian living in Seattle working for AWS. I do software for them, and I've been at it for quite a while now.

I ride bikes, maintain my old house, and enjoy SF/F books and media a lot.

I'm a cis white dude, so ... I'm hopefully better than you expect, but I'm definitely a work in progress.

I default to Twitter first, but has been my fediverse home for a few years now.

particularly if you're Black or a Person of Color, choose wisely, ask and reach out.

There's a few of us left here, we have long memories.

Not every space will protect you after they welcome you bc antiblackness is ripe here

many of the ppl that will say 'oh the Black instance got chased off' are the ones that did it

Keep in mind, though, as someone pointed out to me: Toot! is not accessible to people who need larger text than the built in:

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Twitter has weathered terrible leadership in the past (let's be honest, jack sucked) so I'm not completely terrified about the , but I am not optimistic.

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It looks like with Ole' Musky taking over Twitter there's a general nod at moving to the Fediverse. If so, I know of a good instance ( with good community and management. Mutuals, feel free to DM me if you would like an invitation. I'm @offby1 there, too.

Been a while since I last was here, but in case the SFF community moves to Mastodon, here I am.

Attention Wandering Shoppers.

I have made accounts approval-based (instead of closed reg) for today and possibly longer. If you have friends looking for a place, feel free to direct them here.

Tip for people seeing friends join -- it is not a good fediverse neighbor! Myself and a bunch of other admins blocked it a couple years ago because the people who were running it were unfriendly to the point of abusive!

They admit to some of this in their own FAQ:

Get your friends on good servers. πŸ’š

(Like here, for example! I'll send an invite code to anyone, and any Shop member can make invites)

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