So it looks like, if you are using Amaroq for mastodon, you had to re-auth.

On the plus side, notifications from the app now work from me and they didn't yesterday, so 🎉

Thanks @eurasierboy !


@phildini @eurasierboy Hm. I still don't get any notifications from Tootdon :/

@offby1 @eurasierboy that would make sense, because this only applies to Amaroq. I don't know who makes tootdon. 😕

@phildini @eurasierboy I guess I'm trying to suss out what made Amaroq work, hopefully to get notifications. Might switch back to it :)

@offby1 @phildini @eurasierboy according to amaroq’s patch notes, mastodon updated their push notification relay a while back:

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