... counts down the clock.


I turn 42 tomorrow, now.

I’m amused to see that is trending.

It’s totally fucking true, too. They’re a toxic stew of racism, misogyny, class warfare, and NIMBY all rolled up into a faux-liberal stew.

Fuck them.

Hey, you.

You don’t follow me here, but at least one person (checks… yep!) you know still does.

I miss our friendship.

(If you’re reading this in your feed and it’s not an RT… this isn’t about you)

5 jobs I’ve had:

1. Oilfield laborer
2. Bouncer
3. Door to door vacuum sales
4. 411 operator
5. Hospital security guard

I’m doing rather different things now.
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5 jobs I've had:

1. Factory worker- got replaced by a machine & everything
2. Veterinary poop pathologist
3. Field hand & greenhouse runner
4. Inmate farm crew supervisor
5. So much food service

Make a new FB friend at a convention.

Spend the next two days with a news feed stuffed with anti-Hillary posts.


Well fuck.
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I will NEVER eat a Jimmy Johns anything.

The glee on this man’s face bespeaks a profound moral rot, a type of incandescent love of cruelty that reaches into the unspeakable.

He didn’t kill to eat or survive. He killed for kicks & giggles. I hope he pays for it forever. twitter.com/yossarian317/statu

Ah, that’s who he was.

(It sure is frustrating hearing someone’s name from everywhere as though I should know who they are, without any contextual information provided)

Vulture Capitalism.
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THREAD: The retail apocalypse in full swing: Gymboree closes 800 stores, Shopko 105, Payless 2300, Charlotte Russe 400.

What’s behind it? Some blame Amazon or changing taste, but the real culprit is private equity. We’ll explain how PE makes money as these businesses fail. 1/12

They’re right
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Mark Hamill's impression of Harrison Ford is perfection 😂

Congratulations to Cedar AI on their hire!
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Happy friday! I'm pleased to announce that starting on May 6, I'll be joining Cedar AI as a Principal Software Engineer. We hope to solve tough logistics problems in freight rail yard management, so that freight rail can be more efficient, and be more appealing over trucking.

Fare enforcement is operating on the airport platform under Westlake for Link light rail.

'She knows why women stay, why it’s often the most dangerous when they try to leave and wishes people would ask, “why was he violent?” instead of “why did she stay?”'

@WomenCountUSA@twitter.com counts the cost of violence against women. theguardian.com/us-news/2019/a

New blog post: harihareswara.net/sumana/2019/ What high-quality applications for general or non-developer audiences do we find in #opensource #FLOSS? What helps/thwarts good design? And what patterns can we find in their community models? Plus me publishing a private email from 2014

There’s a nonzero chance it was a season of Buffy.
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one day each of us burned a CD for the last time but we didn't know it was the last time

Something that bothers me a bit is that I rarely see previews for movies starring black people running in front of movies that mainly star white people.

Ah, Twitter. Never change.

Self-righteousness passing itself off as world-weary wisdom is👌🏻Mwah!👌🏻

At least one of his interests appears to be “cure Malaria”

So, problematic or no, it feels okay by me.
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Bill Gates: I'm giving away my fortune!*

*to an untaxed corporation focused on protecting & advancing the interests of Bill Gates & under his personal control

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