I would love to see @Apple@twitter.com make a product decision to build CarPlay into a tactile / analog interface that doesn’t use a touch screen. I want access to my apps, but I hate that I need to interact with a tablet to get them.

Introduced my son to @nilaffle@twitter.com’s M.F.K. I don’t think he’s put it down all day.

The US mobile landscape – terrible as it is! – is one of the few ways this country is better than Canada.
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Just spent a couple hours researching wireless data plans, we have a new family member wants to get on, and continuing issues with data at the cabin. Left in a state of white-hot fury at the Canadian mobile oligopolies.

my new MetaFilter post mefi.us/w/181439 is about twitter.com/bombsfall/status/9 , affirmational fandom, that song from "Commentary! The Musical" about dissecting narratives, "Cat Person", and tolerance for ambiguity

Today's news in Haiku:

Terrible news, nerds
ThinkGeek is closing up shop
Fuck Fucking Gamestop

gender is a scam invented by bathroom companies in the 1960's in order to sell more bathrooms

I’m already donating to @RAICESTEXAS@twitter.com and to the @ACLU@twitter.com. You should, too.

This? This is the America the alt-reich wants.

This is the first step on the road to Dachau. Don’t take a second.
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IF YOU CARE ABOUT WHAT T@RAICESTEXAS@twitter.comG AT THE BOR@ACLU@twitter.comyou need to read and share this thread.

@jacobsoboroff @JuliaEAinsley please read this.

I have just gotten off t…

It's just as clear to me, though, that Helen does not feel the same way, and -- looking at the way others talk about housework and presentation -- it's clear to me that it's a gendered expectation.

I think the thing that gets me the most is the divergence of expectations; I do *not* feel like anyone who visits our home expects anything or will judge us by the clutter or imperfections.

I am constantly looking for reflections of myself in MeFi threads about housework, both of my flaws and virtues. metafilter.com/181407/Want-to-

Anyone else find it hilarious that second amendment nuts generally align with the party that’s implementing an authoritarian state?

Did I say “hilarious”? I meant “horrifying”

I see a lot of facebook postings with likes but no replies, and they make me sad. So I reply to them!

Words > Likes, every time.

In fairness, “I’m a f*ckin’ doctor, not a f*ckin’ miracle worker” is comedy gold.
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@nkjemisin Yeah!
"Four to beam-the-f*ck up"
"F*ckin' A, Jim! I'm a f*ckin' doctor, not a f*ckin miracle worker"
"F*uckin' fascinating"
"Make it f*ckin' so"
"...to boldly go where no f*uckers have gone before!"

Things I wish: I wish I could get macOS on other hardware. Not because I dislike Mac laptops, nor their price, but because I'd love to experiment with other form factors to see if I like them more, but I'm not willing to give up macOS.

Why do we call it Cyberpunk 2077 and not Neo, Liberal?
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Why do we call it Cyberpunk 2077 and not Neonliberal?

A community site I care deeply about is having an introspective conversation about race and I'm grateful they are. The conversation is explicitly in a thread that's closed to white people.

I'm listening and learning.

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