questions for those who support other people on Patreon, boosts welcome 

Wow, this is a gorgeous sci-fi webcomic (and a beautifully done website!):

I can’t wait to see where this goes! *immediate bookmark*

Last boost, pen update: I drew for a bit with it last night and I love it. I might not want to go back to my old pen brand after this. The ink flows super smoothly, which is great because I tend to make marks quickly and this pen can keep up.

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Got a new pen that is just a delight to use. 😁 I can't wait to properly test it out later!

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A small comic I did while crying about a robot at 4am last night. #ThankYouOppy #GoodnightOppy
Text is from a birdsite thread here ( paraphrasing Opportunity’s last message.

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Happy New Year mastodon friends! Thank you all for being a bright spot in an abyssal internet 🖤

I picked up The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet on tuesday and I’ve barely put it down! This book is fantastic.

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thoughts on Catching the Big Fish by David Lynch 

@nox I’m not quite clear on what distinction I’ll make between what I post here or there, but probably make the decision on a per-toot basis. However, I will likely boost most of my w.s posts on my w.e account but not vice-versa.

Hey Wandering Shop friends! I wanted to let everyone know, I’m (back) at @nox for my main/personal posts, however, I’m still planning on using this account too because this community is also really lovely :]

I have stumbled back out of the Alaskan wilderness! What a wonderful weekend.

About to board! Seattle you’ve been fantastic ✨💜
Next stop: ALASKA.

I am very predictable when it comes to these things, haha. Actually, what I should do is take my coffee and book and go explore and find a park or somewhere outside to read :3

I’m in a new place and I have the opportunity to explore and it’s a beautiful day out...and I just realised I’m in a coffee shop reading.

Which is great! I’m just laughing at myself a little.

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I’m at the point in travelling where I’m excited to “settle in” because I’ll be at the same place two nights in a row.

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If I didn’t have more work to do with the darn prints (cutting edges mostly) and if I hadn’t had them made at the very last second, it would have been smart to just ship all the convention stuff...

It is really difficult to pack for a trip where you’re going to be, at different parts, on a plane, public transit, exhibiting at a mini-convention, partying for a birthday, and camping in a cabin.

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