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Happy New Year mastodon friends! Thank you all for being a bright spot in an abyssal internet 🖤

I picked up The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet on tuesday and I’ve barely put it down! This book is fantastic.

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thoughts on Catching the Big Fish by David Lynch Show more

@nox I’m not quite clear on what distinction I’ll make between what I post here or there, but probably make the decision on a per-toot basis. However, I will likely boost most of my w.s posts on my w.e account but not vice-versa.

Hey Wandering Shop friends! I wanted to let everyone know, I’m (back) at @nox for my main/personal posts, however, I’m still planning on using this account too because this community is also really lovely :]

I have stumbled back out of the Alaskan wilderness! What a wonderful weekend.

About to board! Seattle you’ve been fantastic ✨💜
Next stop: ALASKA.

I am very predictable when it comes to these things, haha. Actually, what I should do is take my coffee and book and go explore and find a park or somewhere outside to read :3

I’m in a new place and I have the opportunity to explore and it’s a beautiful day out...and I just realised I’m in a coffee shop reading.

Which is great! I’m just laughing at myself a little.

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I’m at the point in travelling where I’m excited to “settle in” because I’ll be at the same place two nights in a row.

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If I didn’t have more work to do with the darn prints (cutting edges mostly) and if I hadn’t had them made at the very last second, it would have been smart to just ship all the convention stuff...

It is really difficult to pack for a trip where you’re going to be, at different parts, on a plane, public transit, exhibiting at a mini-convention, partying for a birthday, and camping in a cabin.

Ain’t no party like a zine makin’ party
‘Cause a zine makin’ party don’t stop
Til it’s 4am and you’re fucking e x h a u s t e d

@nox Wow I got dye ALL OVER...the sink, the towel, my shirt, my hands, my glasses, my face, there’s probably some somewhere I don’t even know about! But it did ALSO get in my hair, and that’s the important part. We’ll see what colour it comes out as...

Lol, I don’t think it’s possible for me to try to dye my hair without missing like, half of the tools. This time it was gloves and the little brush to put the bleach in my hair and I improvised with using a processing cap as a glove and...a plastic fork to put the bleach in my hair.

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Can't believe I'm this old and don't yet have a crypt of my own to peer out from menacingly, hissing at the sun.

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Sweet little Emily, a Japanese chin #dog. Done with #ballpoint #biro #copic #marker and a little #posca.

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