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I'm Nikkie! He/him, 21. I'm Canadian and have been my whole life. I'm currently studying Accounting at college, though I have interest in Drawing, 3D Modelling, and Writing, of which I am currently neck deep in a Story Idea™ I can't put down.
I am autistic. I always attempt to be kind, so if I don't come off as such please tell me!!

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I'm dead they managed to have a housing crisis in a fuckin mmo *flip table and leave to scream at a tree*

Female: "With this blade I say to you, upon your blood drawn our fates be entwined anew"
Male: "And if instead your blood appear, I'll feel no sorrow at your tear"
Both: "With blood on blade showing its face, our fates be decided in this place"

in my story, one of my cultures proposes through crafting an exquisitely ornate knife and then challenging their intended to a duel. If the challenger wins the intended must take the knife and they are now engaged. If the intended wins then nothing happens. :3

I kinda wanna be proposed to this way tbh

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The difficulty curve spikes way too early on these stairs imo. Bad game design

the main characters of my main work (The Soul Snatchers' Saga) are:

-An emotional dragon warrior and her runty best friend,

-An autistic medical mage, his bedridden social savant twin sister, and their poor but flamboyant best friend

-a half-human intersex teenager just trying to impress their parents and their kinda pervy best friend

-and last but not least an orphaned and traumatized 8yo human boy and the weasel man who rescued him from danger

I'm currently writing multiple pieces of fiction, my main work is a fantasy epic sorta thing with a variety of main characters, while on the side I have an NSFW romance between a prince and an apothecary apprentice, and a more fairytale inspired fantasy with an autistic feral child

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