Amusing how folks don't think parents see when you give our children the ageist side-eye.

I wonder if Kirk goes on away missions so often because he has to fight agoraphobia.

When someone asks you what you do and you spend half a minute wondering whether they'd like the list or if they're just being polite.

::walks into shop, shouts at the top of vees lungs:: IT'S FIVE IN THE MORNING! YAAAAAAAAAAAAY! ::picks up a tea tray, winking at the bartender:: Sun versus me. I win.

I feel invisible today. So fuck it, I'm going to go pick strawberries.

Met with the secret circle of SF writers in Baltimore last night. We traded words in the shadows. During a thunderstorm. Ooooooo.


A sort of demographic-y survey for Mastodon users!

I'm curious to see what we "look like" and I love to make surveys and then graph the results and share them, so here it is:

I will share the graphs with you all at some point shortly after the survey closes.

Please share this far and wide so that we get results from as many instances as possible! Thank you. :)

And I just realized as I was reading this book, noting why the pace stopped dead, flagging in my mind the lack of explanation about an oddly-chosen pejorative, that I never turn off editor, either. (3/3)

And all the while, she's looking out at the wing, and you can tell she's mentally rehearsing all of the steps involved in the actual flight. I asked her, do you ever turn it off? Answer: No, of course not. (2/3)

Once I sat in an airplane next to a pilot, who was flying as a passenger. We talked about her son and mine, about working as a black woman in a white male industry, about the planes she liked to fly best (she showed me pictures). (1/3)

Edited a last-minute pub during a surprise gall bladder attack. Granted, it was last-minute because I got the weeks switched in my mind, but still damn heroic. I'm going to go pass out now.

Back from the Nebulas with a whole new list of people and projects. Something about meeting new folks and interacting with groups that makes ideas flow.

Also, I didn't die during the first panels I've ever done in my life. Bonus.

And Richard Mann took a picture of me. I know, he takes pictures of everyone, but SQUEE I love that guy.

Here's Lily. My favorite dog. A doxie-chihuahua mix I got through Dachshund Rescue of North America. She was my certified companion dog when I had severe agoraphobia. An accomplished ratter. She had degenerative disc disease.

Ok, morbid morning. Because I'm sitting here with my MRI results and musing with my spouse that the old adage about how people are like their dogs is true. I love and have cared for many a dachshund. And hey, I'm short. I'm silly. And now I have degenerative disc disease. So we're apparently made for each other.

Spent most of the morning educating a textbook editing team on how to refer to trans people. This article helped me get my point across. Read, and keep me from having to edit you in the future. ;)

An interesting note is that Phobos talks in his sleep. He sits bolt upright and says nonsense. It is interesting to think about now, though of course I did not like waking up each time. :)

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