If you were in attendance at Once and Future Fantasies in Glasgow, know that I developed while I was there, and I interacted with a bunch of people.

@ljwrites Symptoms are passing away quickly at the moment, though I'm still testing positive. The cost of changing our departure date is going to be prohibitive, though. :(

@ljwrites Could be worse. Mostly I feel like a fool for having left my apartment.

@nalohopkinson And they want to tell us the pandemic is over smh. I'm sorry you had to pay such a high price for the experience :(

@ljwrites I don't regret the conference, which was amazing, and highly likely was not where I got infected. It was *such* a good conference!

@nalohopkinson So glad you enjoyed it! Did they take good safety and health measures at the conference, too?

@ljwrites *shrugs* Glasgow has largely abandoned safety guidelines. At the conference, masks & sanitizer were readily available and people were supported if they chose to use them. Many people went masked in closed spaces. Conference events were split between two buildings, so people were going outdoors often, which probably helped refresh the air inside. The Ceilidh, however, was a different matter & I was as guilty as anyone there.

@nalohopkinson Wow it's so different from what I'm used to but it's a good thing people were largely mindful of safety. Looks from your other post like you've turned a corner in your recovery and I hope you'll be home and safe soon 🤞

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