I think I began the current revision on Aug 3. Comics manuscripts go quicker bc you typically have fewer words per page than a prose mss. I like revising. So satisfying watching the wodge of word blurt turn into a story.

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At 209 pages of 250 in the current revision of the graphic novel mss. Next pass is just looking up names, etc I've forgotten. I'm well on track to hand this in by the Sept 1 deadline.

I collect delightful malaprops from real estate listings. Found a new one this morning: "Censored bathroom lights."

Home again. Managed the trip even though my bank had blocked my debit card on a whim and on the longest flight (9 hrs) the pilot only announced once we were in the air that they hadn't been able to stock the galley properly. We had to take whatever food they had, regardless of dietary restrictions. Gluten/dairy intoleranct? Sucks to be you! Not sure why they also kept the cabin bloody hot.

Watching the trailer. Unprepared 4 how chuffed I'd feel seeing The Corinthian brought 2 life, and knowing that Dan Watters & I got to write a story for him in our comic . Also, I love Geek Dad's fair, honest, enthusiastic reviews: geekdad.com/2019/11/review-hou

Watched fireworks tonight through our hotel window. Wahgwaan, Newcastle Under Lyme?

The #prohibitionOrcs Kickstarter is at $8940? Only $60 more, and I can destroy everything people love about baseball!

Plus, only eight days left. Grab it while you can!


Psst! I trust you, so I'll let you in on this: I'd like the orc kickstarter to pass 10k, so I can write the baseball story.

Yes, I'm taunting Ron Collins with it, but if I break the goal I'll be all "AHA! NOW I SHALL DESECRATE YOUR FAVE GAME."

Don't tell Ron. I want it to be a nasty surprise.


I must be feeling better, because I've returned to the revisions of the script of graphic novel "Night Comes Walking" and of my novel "Blackheart Man." But my COVID test was still positive. I have to stay in quarantine here in the UK until the beginning of August. This is being an expensive trip.

Something's shifted in the past few hours. Chest and sinuses seem clear, light cough is gone or almost. (Headache, feverishness and metallic taste had all already gone over the course of the past few days.)

Just had to call for a fence estimate, because Tuesday is being horrid. At least there’s time to save up, so, uh, buy some books, I guess? lilithsaintcrow.com/2022/07/a-

My heart skips a beat every time I read a headline along the lines of "A "Mysterious radio signal has been detected from a distant galaxy." Even though I know it's more likely to be the last gasps of a dying star than friendly neighbours waving from across the galaxies.

If you were in attendance at Once and Future Fantasies in Glasgow, know that I developed while I was there, and I interacted with a bunch of people.

Two hours from my monthly Patronizer video hangout.

There's still time to get in on this. Or, you could go out and do real things, in meatspace. Whatever.


Keynote at Once and Future Fantasies in Glasgow went well.

Why are bananas in Scotland a sickly fluorescent green? I’ve had lovely watermelons and cantaloupes, so it’s not about tropical fruit. Maybe melons can be grown in hothouses here, but bananas have to be imported? They can’t be shipped ripe, and they don’t ripen properly once picked.

fibromyalgia, chronic pain, chronic fatigue 

Had to miss Marina Warner’s keynote; too much pain and fatigue. I guess I’m still recovering from the flight. Yay, ! Instead I limped — literally — back to my hotel room to add some furbelows to my own keynote. She greeted me this morning at breakfast, says she’ll be at mine, so now I feel doubly chagrined. :(

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This evening I attended the virtual launch of Juba Kalamka's book "Son of Byford." It's so good! nomadicpress.org/store/p/sonof

I wanna see so many other Caribbean writers get the same feeling I did: that you can tell weird and touching stories about your own world. So I can’t wait to see what that issue looks like—and all of us can help SH make it happen!

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