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Have moved to the for (at least) next weeks. Works pretty smoothly so far. Thanks for the advice, @tomasino @bjoern

Are you guys using ? How to choose an instance to get some intro into it?

Basic goals for now -- store photos, .org-files with selective sync between several computers. I need up to 500Gb for now, will switch from Dropbox (so any export features will be appreciated).

Morning, Shop. Just wake up and made some jogging in Cluj. Today we're planning to visit Salina Turda, castle Corvinolor and stay for the night in Sibiu, tomorrow -- Transfagaras that tends to be one of the most beautiful roads in the world.

Some old lady just tried to give me JW’s magazine. While I’m waiting on the border line. How did she get here? Anyway, nice try

Our first stop on the road is Merry Cemetery. It seems weird as a navigator destination

@vickylai Hi there! I'm pretty inspired by your gear reviews. May I ask, what phone are you using? And what's your experience on Olympus E-PM2 vs its camera?

I'm that close to buying X. Yeah, I know, but it provides great camera, will not lag (hi there, my Lenovo P70 with Lollipop), will be supportable by maintainer at least 3 more years (hi there, my Nexus 5X with hardware issues), and it's still 7 month till Librem 5 will be released. But it's damn expensive and proprietary. But I still want it. 😱

Please, convince me to/not to buy it, or any reasonable alternatives.

At the end of next week, I'm planning to visit 🇷🇴 Romania. It will be up to 12 hrs of driving (shared with my friend) per day, and following the fact I'm driving only for a 2 month or so (and have ridden up to 2000km) -- I'm a bit anxious.

So, this Saturday we're going to visit Ivano-Frankivsk (up to 5.5 hrs in total) and work on our skills a bit.

First time on the bike for 3 weeks or so. It feels amazing, though it was just an unsafe commute ride; no pain in hand, finally.

Have to get on my morning 30k-rides again. This week may be an amazing opportunity, despite the huge amount of the predicted rainy days.

Shop, where are you buying DRM-free e-books? I'd like to purchase Stephenson's "The System of the World", but it's defected on Amazon and Cobo, and without any specifications on B&n and Any suggestions?

Morning, Shop,

2 more scratches on my car for last 24 hours. One of them caused by pushing in the back on the crossroad. What a day.

It's going to be a lot day of unit testing, differential equations solving and car maintenance.

Morning, Shop.

It's going to be a long day of doing programming exercises and reading books about Romania that I'm going to visit in 3 weeks.

The good thing is that I'm finally out of the city, first time for this year. Birds are singing, 90 days of the summer ahead, it should feel great.

Woof, I'm going to find some part-time job after about 4 years of just 8/5 office work. Feels amazing so far.

25 y/o software developer, who is obsessed with quizzes, (irregulary) rides bike and is too anxious to use Twitter. 😀
Here to post random thoughts & travelogs, work on my English and make new friends

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