@caesarologia Watching it these days for the first time, in the middle of 3rd season now. It's sooooo good, I wonder why it's lest "famous" in a way then Friends or HIMYM

Watched "My Dinner with Andre" today, after having a reference to in in Community. Nice, warm and a bit pretentious film from 80th, enjoyed it a lot. imdb.com/title/tt0082783/

@ColinTheMathmo It's strange, but mathstodon.xyz/web/statuses/10 doesn't work for me, neither using my mathstodon account nor in anonymous mode. Might it be protected?

@ColinTheMathmo I'm not sure about the doc. It's just a json, and each object in `ancestors` and `descendants` stand for a toot; you probably need `id` prop for your purpose. Most properties there are pretty straightforward though.

If you use python, just try to process it `requests.get()` + `json.loads()`. Or just beautify it with `curl <URL> | jq` in your console :)

@ColinTheMathmo Ok, it's much clearer now. I think, you can try to get list of related toots from mathstodon.xyz/api/v1/statuses in that case

@ColinTheMathmo oh, ok. It's strange, in non-anonymous session of FF I'm getting redirected to the auth page, but from anonymous page it redirects as you've just described.

Curl does the job pretty well, try ```curl mathstodon.xyz/web/statuses/10 | cut -d "\"" -f2 | cut -d "\"" -f1```

@ColinTheMathmo You need to authorize I assume, or add to your request authorization token. Might be a bit challenging if you don't want to manually copy-paste your token to cli/file each time. I'd recommend python's scrapy: github.com/scrapy/scrapy

@OldBrushNewPaper actually I'm catholic, but my wife's family are orthodox, so I've celebrated it twice: last weekend in a more spiritual way, and now just having a lot of traditional food and a day off 😅
Do you celebrate orthodox or common Easter, btw?

Morning, fediverse!

It's the first day after Easter holidays in 🇺🇦 and the only day before another day-off which I'd like to spend on the work.

Is Saturday night, and I’ve just finished The Waste Lands. Next on the list: Generation X by Douglas Coupland. My copy was printed just few weeks ago and looks pretty neat

@charlag But are not that easy to find in contra to irc/telegram/slack

@charlag Let me know once you need some recommendations on the topic :)

@shopbot Zizek vs Peterson debate. Also, "Monty Python and the Life of Brian" which is far not that good as "MP and the Holy Grail".

@acciomath Almost done with my work for today and ready to participate in this evening's pub-quiz. Hope your day has started great :)

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Suggestions on resources to learn "pure" lambda calculus? The only resources I see on YouTube (for instance) are tech talks on how to implement it in various programming languages, but I'd like to learn about it detached from a particular implementation.

@charlag Hi! I found interesting your recent thread about (dis)advantages of the messaging protocols, and would like to have more stuff like that in my timeline :)

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