is great, but automatic (and even manual) photos uploading from app still may be much better. Is it any possibility to upload my photos automatically on wi-fi connection?

@mykhas I never used the iOS app, so I can't really test it. But my assumption was the automatic photo upload exists already for a long time and the feature list seems to support my assumption:
If this doesn't work for you I would recommend to open a bug report:

@mykhas Yes, you can set up the automatic upload of pictures to #nextcloud in the settings of the #iOS app.

@marcuse1w Thanks for the reply, Markus! Seems like that issue I've experienced was caused by network issues, that didn't allow me to upload images the same moment and (by some reasons) added to the "transfer" page information about several (~12) attempts of image upload. After I've cleaned it up, everything works as expected.

Probably, it deserves separate issue on the github. I'll create one if will be able to reproduce it once again.

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