Shop, where are you buying DRM-free e-books? I'd like to purchase Stephenson's "The System of the World", but it's defected on Amazon and Cobo, and without any specifications on B&n and Any suggestions?


I'm not sure about that particular title, but #Libreture has a list of DRM-free book shops here:

The admin is @kevinbeynon

@switchingsocial @mykhas

I don't think that series is available DRM-free anywhere, since it's published by Random House.

The publishers and/or distributors decide if DRM is applied to books on Kobo.

It's a shame, I love Neal Stephenson's work, and would really like to read that particular series again as an e-book.

@switchingsocial @mykhas

Oh, and Snow Crash too. I miss Snow Crash.

Same publishers. 😭

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