Today I'm thankful for:
- having a day off, and nice long walk with my wife and daughter;
- finishing the minor task, that has bothered me for last 2 days;
- 2h-nap in the middle of a day :p;
- finding some motivation to proceed with my Coursera course

Watched "My Dinner with Andre" today, after having a reference to in in Community. Nice, warm and a bit pretentious film from 80th, enjoyed it a lot.

Morning, fediverse!

It's the first day after Easter holidays in 🇺🇦 and the only day before another day-off which I'd like to spend on the work.

Is Saturday night, and I’ve just finished The Waste Lands. Next on the list: Generation X by Douglas Coupland. My copy was printed just few weeks ago and looks pretty neat

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Suggestions on resources to learn "pure" lambda calculus? The only resources I see on YouTube (for instance) are tech talks on how to implement it in various programming languages, but I'd like to learn about it detached from a particular implementation.

It's been a while since I have posted here! For the last month or so I have:
- completed my summer school;
- came back to my full-time job;
- (temporarily) got rid of my cats, which makes my allergy much better;
- gained some experience with Python and IBM Cloud Functions in prod.

Also, during Summer School my team and I have completed amazing ML project related to NBA results prediction. Probably it's worth starting my (or even WWW) blog.

My last bike ride was on May 9th. It's time to go back in the saddle tomorrow

I must share some visualizations from ggplot workshop I have recently

Guys, can you recommend me any instances related to the Data Science learning/usage?

is great, but automatic (and even manual) photos uploading from app still may be much better. Is it any possibility to upload my photos automatically on wi-fi connection?

just started. I earn 4th out of 7 places on the first tournament. Nine to go. Not the best start ever :(

So, initially, all the quizzes community in post-Soviet countries was developed from the "What? Where? When?" TV-game. It was released in the seventeenth and almost immediately gain huge popularity among people. The show didn't contain any kind of propaganda, and, you know, there was not a lot of options on a Soviet TV. :)

Tomorrow I am going to participate in 4-day quiz camp in Carpathian Mountains. Will anyone be interested in some report/photos from there? @cosullivan

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Morning, Shop.

I have just installed wlc using `make install` on my Debian. It felts like destroying something beautiful. 😩 Still, a necessity if I want to try Sway.

For now, it's time to install i3 and understand how I'd like to see it on my machine.

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