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If you think you've invented something as an author, you're not well-read enough. The unique thing you bring to the table is your voice, your lens -- all the "stuff" has been done already. Accept that, lean into it, and you'll embarrass yourself much less often.

Last night I learned a little more about DM'ing and running a good session. I need to keep better notes - "last time when we played" needs to be a more thorough story. Our poor Dwarf Cleric has been playing at level 4 (I thought he was pulling punches) because he forgot to complete his level up 5 sessions ago. *facepalm*

I dropped my Kindle into the dog water on Friday morning. I got it out and turned off immediately and it's been sitting around turned off since then. I really want to try to turn it on now. Dare I?

My silly brain is all flappy this morning.

Crackers and squirty cheese. My inner tweenager wanted a snack.

Good morning y'all. Didn't get enough sleep last night. Dogs woke me up at 3am when my son left for groceries. And he woke me up at 445 when he got home -forgot his house key. Narf! His sheepish look when I let him made it hard to be mad at him though. Bring on the coffee!

Valerian, melatonin and passionflower last night. Finally slept past 4am. Because it wasn't so bad before the time change to wake up before 3am and fall back asleep for another 2 hours, but post time change? UGH. I'd just get to sleep again and ugh ugh ugh, the alarm would go off.

The April Fool's joke with the mount in Neverwinter is cracking me up.

I dreamed of my dragon librarian all night. Yeesh. Get out of my head!

Also, I am rather amused. During our session I was rolling the same dice for two NPCs & three monsters. One of the NPCs had terrible roles. Consistently. Same dice with varied results good & bad for everything else had continual 2s, 5s and twice a Nat1. Poor dude couldn't catch a break. Then, the only time we wanted a low result? Nat20. *face palm*

Near TPK experience tonight - I am one worn out DM.

Girl child had a more "friend" drama again this weekend. She is so done with high school. Our little community is a great place for raising kids, but the last year or so in high school suffocates. 5 more months. 5 more months. 5 more months.... I'm going to miss her so much when she's off to college in the fall, but I can feel her need to move on.

Been working on saying this for a while but I can't seem to get the words right. Still aren't but I need to say it. I know I'm preaching to the choir here but be nice to each other y'all. That guy who had an amazing career as a drummer, and such a beautiful family, the one who I harbored a spark of envy toward... he battled demons every day and I had no clue until his life was taken. And now I'm wondering if I was nice enough to him in all of our interactions.

I have discovered Death Note the musical. It is beautiful. I am obsessed.

& drama-Trying to sidestep a rift between the hero/rogue & bard (my kiddo) + set a new schedule since old time slot won't work for cleric(hubby). I didn't anticipate their fix. The couple contacted the 2 other party members, introduced a new DM & excluded my family. Wow. Ok. Noob DM texted with an ask for my homebrew campaign I'd spent a few weeks writing. Maybe I should've used as a teachable moment? Eh. I printed it for him; neat, linear with maps. He can learn manners from someone else.

Good news! The state reinstalled the office computer! I can't log on yet. They won't connect us until Monday morning. But it's there!

Ouch. I dropped off the grandpup for his nadectomy. The other grandpuppy is crying and going room to room looking for his friend. And my daughter sent a breakup message to a good friend -one of her ONLY friends in school- today, "you're making things awkward and I have to move on" so she was having a sad too. All I can do in either case is offer cuddles. Some days being an empath is really hard, yo.

I'm done with the morning news. Habit was to veg, sip coffee, contemplating the weather between local stories- But the sensationalism has begun to grate. This morning they shared graphic details regarding the death of a couple I knew. Why. I didn't need to know those things. They were killed by a mentally ill son they loved deeply. They fought for him to the end. Why don't we focus on the lack of mental health care in our country? No, they report which room each died in. I'm done.

Mate tea this morning with a bit of honey. Still frigid out there so I guess I'm chill, huh? Morning, y'all!

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