@MicroSFF Oh, I love this very much. A thumbs up from my daughter, too :)

@jessmahler Will it put stress on you to try and keep it going?

And my mind is in a great place. Weight loss is good, kids visiting this weekend is awesome and best of all, I didn't snarl at my mother-in-law for being her normal growly self.

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"Be the weeds. Grow on concrete in defiance of those who would thwart you." is the most powerful sentence i have ever heard in my life.

She thinks my tractor's hacker is sexy.
It wouldn't hardly turn on,
And made this chuggin noise as it went along...

A customer who was really really hateful and made me cry when I first started this job has just brought me a cinnamon roll. I thanked him profusely and got the sweetest "you're very welcome" from him. I didn't have the heart to tell him I'm dieting and can't have bread or sugar. Especially on cinnamon rolls. The kind thought counts more than the forbidden carbs anyhow.

@shopbot @phildini While our office was closed for six weeks I binge watched iZombie and propped my ankle and drank beer. 10 lbs later...

Morning y'all! *salutes with coffee* What's something wonderful in your world right now? Me? I'm losing weight. There's stevia and almond milk in my coffee yup.

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We're making some diet changes and the Mr has keto flu. His grumpy mood makes me want to find a hole to hide in. Boo. All our holes are under water right now. Heh.

Word of the day is sesquipedalian. Super amusing for this writer trying to get back into writing challenges with the word of the day.

Have you ever been disappointed with yourself for not being more shocked by something?

I work in a tag office - I process driver's licenses. The new printer set up is overdoing the red layer on license pictures and I have no control over that setting. So I thought through the problem and moved my customers 2 inches closer to the camera. The flash burn balances out the red intensity pretty well, I think.

@welshpixie Thank you for the review!
I'm going to have my college bound kiddo give it a look.

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Hot damn, I just found @inventaire and it's what I've been wanting for so long. Everyone, sign upp immediately so we can share books πŸ“šπŸ’–


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