Valerian, melatonin and passionflower last night. Finally slept past 4am. Because it wasn't so bad before the time change to wake up before 3am and fall back asleep for another 2 hours, but post time change? UGH. I'd just get to sleep again and ugh ugh ugh, the alarm would go off.

@mrszee Glad you found a combo that works for you. And also, much sympathy on the time change making things harder.

@auntiekiki I just want to figure out why my brain pings awake at OhDarkThirty. Is there something that happens to wake me up? Good theory until the time changed and I woke up an hour later. LOL
I don't want to have to take a cocktail every night to get my beauty sleep, but I guess if it works I need to suck it up and be grateful right?

@mrszee Many years ago, after getting to the point of mild hallucinations due to lack of sleep, I decided that sleep was more important than pretty much anything, let alone my anxieties around drugs/meds. So yeah, I'm gonna cheer on your herbal cocktail habit. 😆​

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