Girl child had a more "friend" drama again this weekend. She is so done with high school. Our little community is a great place for raising kids, but the last year or so in high school suffocates. 5 more months. 5 more months. 5 more months.... I'm going to miss her so much when she's off to college in the fall, but I can feel her need to move on.

@mrszee Oof. I remember that time in my own small town and...ooof. (She staying in-state or going further for uni?)

@auntiekiki Starting with college in state a little over an hour away. Far enough without being too far.
And yeah, ooooof. I've gone through this with 3 boys already so it's not a new situation for me. But this is my daughter and it is different. Because even though I try very hard to not parent her like a 'girl' she is female and the world treats females to a different experience.

@mrszee Sadly, that's all too true. An hour away sounds good--close enough for emergencies, but far enough to feel independent. Much 💚 to both of you.

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