Starting on a new social media platform is exactly like walking into a party where you canā€™t find any of your friends, and you have to decide how youā€™re gonna play it.

Am I all ethereal, untouchable oddity or spiny urchin rage?

@Bunnyhuffer I was hoping the different instances allowed for multiple options in that regard. Like having different accounts, but not really.

@Bunnyhuffer @cheojackson i think they do. Unless someone follows each of your instances they only see one. Like I'm on as snow and unless you can figure out how to follow me (cuz I've yet to figure it out šŸ˜†) you won't see those toots here.

@SnowXwonS @cheojackson @Bunnyhuffer @mjcbarnes That might be the biggest hurdle for newbies to get past, having to follow people on multiple instances. I'm already on three, and I'm already losing my place and my mind!

@sebastianmalloy @mjcbarnes @cheojackson @SnowXwonS I donā€™t know! I need someone to just tell me where to go and what to do.

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