Why buy cat beds when you can just move things and reveal carpet dents?

I found a frame while cleaning, so I was finally able to put this guy out. I bought him years ago at comic con.

Folks, the company I work for is looking for a UX/UI designer, and it's a fully remote position. Also, no degrees required.

You can take a look at the offer here: laterpay.workable.com/j/50D2C7

Or toot me any questions

Had a visitor this morning. It surprised my dog with prey in its mouth, then came back in a few minutes to investigate after we let her in.

And now he's decided to play knick knack. Can you tell someone is really bored because I'm doing homework?

Well my cat complained for hours last night because the dog got chicken and rice (she's sick) and he didn't (he's not). So this is what's happening this morning.

I just wanted to say that I love that so many people talk about here! I love tea, and get a subscription box with new ones to try every month.

My favourite one this month was a ginger pu-erh.

My other is a single big granny square that I made because I wanted to learn to . I was going to make it baby blanket size because at the time my husband and I were trying to have another kid, but that didn't work out so I might just stop on this and put it under a pot or something as decoration.

I got some pink yarn on clearance and I want to make a pussy hat. I'm also really interested in crocheting some animals.

I always have a that is a needlepoint project I've been working on for a ridiculous amount of time but never finish. Seriously I started this around 9-11 to help deal with the stress. I've started and finished some smaller ones in between.

Hey Shop, found a medieval city generator that I thought some of you might want to play around with...


If you want to find people to follow them, and have their full address (ex. @MinotaurIllusionist) Paste the address into the search box above your "toot" area. Took me forever to find

Right now the I'm really into is The Orville and TWD. I really like that The Orville is adopting the Roddenberryesque style of having each episode be a morality play like TOS and TNG were.

I also started watching Gotham again because Alexander Siddig is playing R'as A Ghuul. He's so freaking scary and it makes me love him even more.

Can't wait for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D to come back. That's my absolute favorite.

Hello wandering shop friends... if 21 more patrons give $1 a month, we can keep the shop afloat: patreon.com/phildini

Just came across this neat tool:


Plug in your Mastodon and Twitter accounts and it'll point out any of your Twitter follows that are already on Masto.

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