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The thing I like about the Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism meme is the way it sets a goal of economic and social equality amidst abundance. In practice, I will go into very wonky detail about universal basic income supported by well-regulated markets, because we know a lot more how to make those work than we do actual communism, but “Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism” is a much snappier slogan.

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Please boost if your account is safe for non-binary people. :nonbinary: :nb:

Interesting! Apparently it maxes out at four different emoji, at which point you can only increment the values on those already attached to the post.

One minor feature I’ve been enjoying on MeWe is the ability to use any emoji as a reaction, rather than a boolean like/favorite. I don’t know if it fits your vision for Mastodon, but it is fun.

It turns out that expired credit cards are pretty good for keeping teething kittens occupied.

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