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@twotone I use diatomaceous earth, which is essentially caltrops for insects, to extend the unwelcome mat to ants.

@shopbot @phildini Investigating murders in near-future Japan in NINTH STEP STATION. The collected first season from Serial Box is available as a book.

@andrhia Thatโ€™s the sort of thing that happens when you realize that the deadline is coming up on your pact with an anarchist demon and you donโ€™t have time to break locks that are actually restraining dozens of people, but thereโ€™s a loophole...

@mishellbaker A well-curated following list is a good start, and a swift finger on the block button. I think it helps that my posts aren't popular enough to attract sea lions.

@mishellbaker Just think of the gaming system you could afford after collective bargaining!

@mishellbaker Blue, to match my eyes. I'm looking forward to going sufficiently grey that I wouldn't need to bleach it first.

@mishellbaker Yup. All he did was turn subtext into text, and now we canโ€™t politely ignore it any more. It will never be possible to rewind to previous norms; we have to make new, better ones.

@mishellbaker Newer dryers are better at keeping lint out of the vents, which is handy for people like me who procrastinate the whole โ€œdig out the electric drill and chock in the vent cleaning brushโ€ hassle.

@mishellbaker Come up with a nickname that doesnโ€™t trigger that association and use that for everything but formal documents.

@mishellbaker I will occasionally make suggestions, like โ€œwhen you get a chance to take a Renegade interrupt when talking to a Krogan on Tuchanka, take it, itโ€™s hilariousโ€. Though really, it should have been Paragon as well; it demonstrates proper diplomatic understanding of Krogan culture.

I got an MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) booster shot yesterdayโ€” it had been thirty years since the last one, and my doctor thought this was reasonable timingโ€” and the injection site hasnโ€™t ached at all. Itโ€™s even less hassle than a flu shot.

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