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Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith 

who called it "dabbling in things man was not meant to know" and not "cracking open an Old One"

(full credit to @deerful and @darius for inspiring this with comments in their Too Much Not Enough episode about Rimworld)

@lilithsaintcrow Breakfast, lunch, dinner, possibly a small snack before bedtime if Iโ€™m hungry enough that it would make it hard to fall asleep. I sleep in on the weekends so it's usually brunch and dinner then.

@shopbot @phildini The next adventure in a planetary romance set in an alternate-historical 1850 (the Sails Full of Stars setting from Fateโ€™s Worlds of Adventure). Currently working out the details of a criminal den on the far side of the Moon.

Satsuma does democracy (local) 

@janellecshane I once cat-sat for a friendโ€™s fluff beast that would drape himself over my wrists while I played a video game. None of my own clowder are quite that intent on lap time.

@shopbot @phildini Just binge watched the entire second season of DRAGON PRINCE on Netflix and consider the time well spent.

Watched the pilot episode of Miracle Workers and with good writers this could be a good prelude to the Revolt of the Angels, but somehow I doubt weโ€™re going to get PARADISE LOST here. Rereading Steven Brustโ€™s TO REIGN IN HELL would probably be more fun.

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