@lilithsaintcrow Guild Wars 2 has so many great design elements to encourage cooperative behavior. Some excellent work there.

@shopbot @phildini MYSTIC POP-UP BAR is great fun. A superb genre mash-up and the camerafolk clearly also work on food photography, because the food looks amazing. netflix.com/title/81264882

@nev Yes. Something else that I had to learn was that โ€œcisโ€ and โ€œtransโ€ in this context are abbreviations for โ€œcisgenderโ€ and โ€œtransgenderโ€, so add a space after (e.g. โ€œcis manโ€ not โ€œcismanโ€).

Did my election research for the California election (local races are for Sunnyvale) and wrote up my notes to save other folks a headache: mithriltabby.dreamwidth.org/18

@shopbot @phildini The people who build and maintain the amazing chain of infrastructure that makes it possible for me to have a hot shower in clean water in the morning.

@shaunduke @Princejvstin Just finished Coreyโ€™s LEVIATHAN FALLS and started Kirsteinโ€™s THE STEERSWOMAN.

@Nezchan I was talking to someone yesterday and describing a particular tome as being like a phone book and added โ€œand I can *use* that simile with you!โ€ and we both chuckled.

@LAGilman My policy is โ€œI cannot gripe about rain unless the reservoirs are full.โ€

@meow_factor@mastodon.online Another person came up with it independently (and asked me for permission to use a picture of mine in the video): youtube.com/watch?v=lgP2N62rz5

@lilithsaintcrow I spent a couple of hours reading up on the geology of Seattle because I was running a Shadowrun adventure set in the Ork Underground and the sourcebooks never talked about the tunnel construction. My players would never have noticed if I just talked about tunnels, but I wanted to know what *kind* of tunnels!

@autumn You can look in the Following data for users who are part of communities that interest you. For instance, my Following list has a lot of science fiction and fantasy authors from Twitter. (You may need to open it in a new window to get it to load properly.)

@AlanBaxter It was called bridge.joinmastodon.org and they arenโ€™t running it any more. It was probably too much effort to maintain on a shoestring.

@AlanBaxter Itโ€™s a lot like the early days of Twitter where you follow people based on retweets (โ€œboostsโ€ here) and posts, or snooping in Following lists. There used to be a web site that matched up Twitter and Mastodon accounts and made it easy to follow people on both places, let me see if I can track that down...

@AlanBaxter Yeah, the multiple servers is a big difference. I have my @mithriltabby@dice.camp account open in a separate tab and use this account for the F&SF world and the other one for blathering about TTRPGs. The Tusky Android client lets you switch between different servers fairly easily. play.google.com/store/apps/det

@AlanBaxter It has like two full-time developers supported by a Patreon. Itโ€™s impressive it works as well as it does!

@AlanBaxter Hmmm... I can see wandering.shop/users/mithrilta in an incognito window. Try opening it in a new window? Sometimes the web client will fail to load things if you stay in the same window.

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