@andrhia That’s the sort of thing that happens when you realize that the deadline is coming up on your pact with an anarchist demon and you don’t have time to break locks that are actually restraining dozens of people, but there’s a loophole...

@mishellbaker A well-curated following list is a good start, and a swift finger on the block button. I think it helps that my posts aren't popular enough to attract sea lions.

@mishellbaker Just think of the gaming system you could afford after collective bargaining!

@mishellbaker Blue, to match my eyes. I'm looking forward to going sufficiently grey that I wouldn't need to bleach it first.

@mishellbaker Yup. All he did was turn subtext into text, and now we can’t politely ignore it any more. It will never be possible to rewind to previous norms; we have to make new, better ones.

@mishellbaker Newer dryers are better at keeping lint out of the vents, which is handy for people like me who procrastinate the whole “dig out the electric drill and chock in the vent cleaning brush” hassle.

@mishellbaker Come up with a nickname that doesn’t trigger that association and use that for everything but formal documents.

@mishellbaker I will occasionally make suggestions, like “when you get a chance to take a Renegade interrupt when talking to a Krogan on Tuchanka, take it, it’s hilarious”. Though really, it should have been Paragon as well; it demonstrates proper diplomatic understanding of Krogan culture.

I got an MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) booster shot yesterday— it had been thirty years since the last one, and my doctor thought this was reasonable timing— and the injection site hasn’t ached at all. It’s even less hassle than a flu shot.

@mishellbaker Yup. I’m currently boosting candidates based on policy (I quite like Warren right now) and advocate for building up, not tearing down, as the modus operandi.

@palecur I wouldn’t say it’s fancy dining with booths and tablecloths and a maître d’, but what you’re describing the degenerate extreme of a more delicious general case. Let’s go to orenchi-ramen.com/ sometime and I think you’ll see why the line is so long there (and we won’t mind the wait as much because the conversation is good).

@polyplacophora @thraeryn +1, Clockwork Boys and The Wonder Engine are excellent. Also try P C Hodgell, starting with God Stalk.

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