Nero is thankful that his humans are not taking any risks for this holiday.

Phryne knows that watching the news won't make Tuesday arrive any faster.

California politics 

@hafnia As I see it, β€œpet” is a family role distinct from β€œchild”. We’re responsible for them, but we also don’t expect them to grow up into adults. β€œCaretaker” doesn’t necessarily reflect the love we have for them, β€œowner” implies too much control. We don’t have good language for describing this yet.

@lilithsaintcrow And if a cat is going to get sick, they will do so just after the regular vet’s hours end for the week and only the emergency vet is available.

The world is not unusually chaotic right now; the insulation that some of us had from the chaos has simply eroded away.

Now that more people can see the problems, this is a good time to work on fixing them.

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