@obra That’s the report I’m seeing. Didn’t even wake the cats in Sunnyvale.

β€œOn the way to the dealership” is really good timing for a car to have a problem. I had already packed a laptop and ebook reader for the waiting time.

Me: I will be a responsible adult today and take my car in to the dealership for routine maintenance, since the MAINT REQD light came on a few days ago.
My car:

@Canageek I’m quite fond of shirts from alohaland.com/ , because I enjoy being colorful. I am apparently so straight that even wearing a nyan cat rainbow scarf doesn’t make people speculate within my hearing range, so I have no idea on the bi signaling.

When I look at my work calendar for the day and see no meetings, I feel like there ought to be a cloud of cherry blossom petals floating through the air to mark the rare, beautiful occurrence.

Went to the in San Jose, CA today. The crowd was enough to fill the plaza, and while it was the Silicon Valley Youth Climate Strike, there was a good showing of older folks as well.

@shopbot @phildini Currently in the middle of THIS IS HOW YOU LOSE THE TIME WAR, which is great fun.

If you don’t have enough over the top epic fantasy movies to watch, here’s a an awesome one from Tollywood: Baahubali netflix.com/title/80204118

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