@mcmansionhell I'm very interested in the progress they're making with 3-D printing houses. They managed an 800 square foot house in 3 days in Austin a year or so ago. Could lead to an astonishing proliferation of both good and bad designs.

First day back at work after a cold. After a brisk walk to my desk, I think: β€œI feel so warm! Am I feverish? Did I come back to work too soon?”

Then I realize: this is the first time in more than two weeks I’ve been someplace where the thermostat is set higher than 68Β°F.

@OldBrushNewPaper Three out of four are complete sweeties and I often wind up with all three sprawled out on the sofa next to me. My wife lures them over to her lap with treats.

@Gargron The version I heard was that it was written to be impossible for a human and they told the coloratura they hired "just do your best and we can do the rest in post processing" and she just laughed and performed it as written.

I came down with this cold on January 1 and my blood type is now β€œginger ale”.

If any of you ever need a math consultant for your naughty teacher porn blackboards PLEASE contact me, PhD students don't make enough and I want to put hilarious overly well-thought out math in unlikely places and I'm available for very reasonable rates

The kittens were spooked by the noise of a large New Year party happening outside the bedroom, but have clearly recovered.

@rick_777 @pixelfed Or usernames. (I use emoji to distinguish my identities on various instances, so I’m Max Kaehn πŸˆπŸ“· @mithriltabby .)

@DialMforMara Cat hair is a sign that we have earned a cat’s regard and should always be taken as an accolade, not unkemptness.

(My clothing pretty much always has some degree of cat fluff on it so I have strong self-interest in setting this social standard.)

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