@offby1 Yeah, the pace of updates has dropped dramatically in the past fifteen minutes.

distraction please 

@lilithsaintcrow Probably not; I ran out of time for it a year and a half ago, but my friends who still play it say the mechanics haven’t changed. There’s new Living World content, but if it didn’t grab you then, it probably won’t grab you now.

@lilithsaintcrow Guild Wars 2 is fun, and has some very good design that encourages cooperative play. It is never a bad thing to jump in and help someone else’s fight (you all get loot), and everyone can harvest the same resources so there’s no ninja-ing.

@DialMforMara (β€œWe really want the job to go to this person in another department, so we write a purple squirrel job req, so even if we’re required to publicly list the job, that particular person is the only one qualified.”)

@DialMforMara Huh. I always thought that the overly specific job parameters were written for people trying to facilitate internal transfers.

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