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@lastfuture @DialMforMara
โ€œIn an age of performative cruelty, kindness is punk as fuck.
Be punk as fuck.โ€
โ€”Daniel Abraham

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Did you check out the Magic Wheelchair booth? GO. DONATE. They build fantasy rigs for kids with wheelchairs at no cost to the family. They are MAGIC.

Toys of kaiju giving apologies for destroying cities. Godzilla: โ€œVandalismโ€. Ghidorah: โ€œAggressionโ€. Mechagodzilla: โ€œImitationโ€. Hedorah: โ€œI apologize for nothingโ€. (via

@palecur They call it a spectrum for a good reason. I have enough of the hyperfocus traits to make me good at intense debugging sessions, for instance.

@KitRedgrave Thatโ€™s why itโ€™s important to show up for primary votes, and to the votes for delegates to the state convention, and to get involved in local politics to help select for sensible people getting the recognition theyโ€™ll need to run for higher office, and to advocate for election reform to make it easier for sensible people to run for office. SO DAMN MUCH WORK

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